Driving lessons in Washington DC

In a rash moment I said I’d finance driving lessons for my daughter (she’s 28, a city dweller, and a master of public transport, so it’s not like I’m putting a child behind anyone’s wheel). Can anyone recommend a driving school in Washington DC? They all seem to be run by shysters. Thanks.

Does the DMV have books with which to study the laws and rules and such ?
At that age she probably knows the physical driving of a vehicle but now she has to get proficient with her behind the wheel.
With a learner’s permit and you or any other licensed driver she could get in a lot of practice without paying someone else.
– but I don’t know DC laws concerning self learning, it just seems like at that age there should be a way like that.

My San Francico based son doesn’t own a car, relys on public transportation BUT maintains a valid driver’s license for many other reasons.

ask the DMV directly which schools they trust.

( my daughter lives in the DC area, Woodbridge VA, but licensed out here, so I have no direct advice )

I had a few lessons with AAA. Used their car for my test. 1971.

We used ‘drivers Ed in a box’ with my son. Worked great if you have the time.

Actually, Maryland requires that student drivers log time behind the wheel with a professional driving instructor. I @janetrm’s daughter lives in suburban MD or DC has similar rules, there may be no choice.

If it is the case that laws state you must have pro instructor time…
Then the best answer lies…
with the DMV themselves. ( maybe AAA )

Speak to people there about which instructors they like…AND dislike !
You can bet there are some , when the driver comes in for licensing and says they learned under so-and-so , that instantly throw a red flag and the DMV says ‘‘we’ll just see about that’’.
And others whom they will give you your license almost sight unseen because they know the intructor’s reputation.

( my daughter dented her intructor’s car …at 15 though…and I can still point to dents on my 79 that have her name on them ;)) )

Contact AAA if you are a member, certainly they have some references. Driving schools in NJ are a small “business” but seem to be run by decent people. Why are you sure the DC guys are all shysters?

“Why are you sure the DC guys are all shysters?”

Some people are more defensive than others. Maybe that is the case here.