Cross country trip in winter

I want to thank everyone that gave advice/ tips/comments related to our son’s trip with his fiancee across the country. They left Beverly, MA on 1/5 and arrived in Santa Barbara, CA tonight, 1/18, safe and sound! They drove 3,965 miles: down the East coast to Atlanta, on to AL, then New Orleans and then on #10 across to San Diego and up to Santa Barbara. They visited some friends on the way and also spent 3 nights in New Orleans. They missed most of the snowy/icy weather. Their plans to drive across further north was changed after so many comments to take #10.

Thank you all! Jan

Good job. Most cars in good condition will make such trips very well if the basics are in good shape. People will drive thousands of miles around home with no problems, but the thought of being thousands of miles in one trip tends to scare us silly, even though it is easier on the car. I have taken long trips like that, the first one in late 1964, with a 1953 Chevrolet, and such trips can be a great memory. Seeing the nation change from day to day and state to state is really cool.

I completely agree… now that they are safely across the country! :wink:

Glad they made it safe and sound. My son and daughter in law were down to visit from Utah over Christmas/New Years and they had to postpone their trip back from OK because of winter weather in UT, WY, and CO.

Matter of fact, they were wondering if they were even going to make it on the trip down here. Blowing snow, high winds, and 30 MPH at times; and they’ve got an AWD vehicle to boot.