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Can I make this trip on Friday?

I have a wedding to get to in Albany NY, a good six hundred miles from Greensboro NC where I live- and my partner bailed on me, along with his nice new Element. This leaves me and my '94 Toyota Corolla stranded. A plane is too expensive at this point, and I shudder at the thought of steping onto a bus for twenty plus hours. I only have this one car and it is my lifeblood for getting to work and I don’t want to unnecessarily risk it. However, I’ve just put on brand new belts and a new master cylinder in the last six months. Is it a fools trip? Should I just get on the bus, or is it really not endangering my car all that much?

If the car is running well and maintained properly the trip should be no problem. Highway miles are easy miles and there really aren’t that many.

Just be sure tobring an AAA membership card just in case, which is a wise policy even of you had a brand new car.

Has it been maintained well (‘by-the-book’)? What problems does it have? You could take it out in the heat of the afternoon and try driving up some steep hills to see if the cooling system’s up to the task. That would be my first concern.

Take amtrak…

While you probably could make it, the downside risk is pretty bad.
Rent a car.

Price out renting a car.

In a vehicle that is at least 16 years old, this is potentially risky–even if it has been well-maintained. After that many years, unexpected breakdowns will happen, and when they happen far from home you tend to wind up with greater expense and much inconvenience.

I agree with those who recommended Amtrak, but you might want to consider renting a car from a place like Rent-a-Wreck. Their cars are not actually wrecks. They are just somewhat older than the typical rental car, and the benefit for you is a far lower rental cost.

Yeah, renting would be better, if you can swing the $$. A word of warning - make sure the rental has both unlimited miles and allows out of state use. Friend once rented a car in Denver, got a cheap in-state rate, then drove it to Corpus Christi. On the way back to Denver he got a ticket while still in Texas, which was reported to the rental firm. Guess what: about 1000 miles at $0.50/mile were added to his bill…OUCH!

Frankly, if you have to ask…

20 hours on a bus to go 600 miles? Have you looked at a bus schedule to see if there is an express bus? If that is really the case, rent a car.

Amtrak has a station in Albany, perhaps a nice train trip. You can find parking for your car at the NC train station without problem. I think Amtrak goes through Fayetteville, NC and there must be other NC stops.

Amtrak quote I saw was around $400. Greensboro to Albany. About 14 hrs to get to Albany; 23 hours to return. Not good…Sounds like a weekend rental car should work better.

Check your tires and fluids, change the oil if it will come due on the trip, and have a nice trip!

These 1,200 miles will be the easiest you will ever put on the car and, contrary to what some posters here seem to think, if you trust the car to make it across town there’s no reason why you shouldn’t trust it to make this trip. Any breakdown you do have on this trip is a breakdown you would have had at home eventually and, since the route between Greensborough and upstate NY isn’t exactly the barren wastes, it’s not like you’re going to get stranded somewhere dangerous and a mechanic somewhere along the way is just as capable of handling your car as one at home.

I drive a 25-year old Honda and I’ve taken it cross-country every summer for the last 5 years and never had any kind of mechanical problems.

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for your responses! I will definitely check out rental prices in case its extra affordable through rent-a-wreck. I am thankful for all y’alls help, you’ve made this decision easier, and I’ll appreciate any further advice and post when I finally make up my mind. Have a Good Day!