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Driving down the highway at 6000 rpms for 2 hours

My daughter’s friend was driving her 2002 Toyota RAV4 for approximately 2 hours, while my daughter was sleeping. When she awoke, she thought the engine sounded loud and looked at the RPMs and it was at 6000. Her friend had been driving in D2 for over 2 hours going 75 mph. If this caused any damage, what would the damage be? Transmission? Should the fluid be checked? What needs to be checked out or changed?

The driver must have had the car in 2nd gear to get to 6000 rpm. If it was D2 which often means in 4th gear instead of 5th, or 3rd instead of 4th that would be less than 6000 rpm.

If the motor is running OK once put in “D” for drive then there is likely no harm done. If the motor was overheating during this episode that could be a problem. A bit more wear and tear on the motor is the only result which won’t show up of years if at all. If I heard this story from one of my kids I’d get the oil changed in the car ASAP. The high speeds and high temperature could have thinned out the oil and caused it to degrade. An oil change to get the old oil out and fresh oil in is my advice. Otherwise keep an eye on the motor and hopefully there will be no noticable affects.

As for the transmission, prolonged use of 2nd gear isn’t good either. Since the transmission wasn’t under a load such as towing or going up hill it should be OK. The transmission temperature could have gotten high too, although there is no guage for that on the dashboard. I’d do same with the tranamission as the motor; drain the old transmission fluid, change the transmission filter, and refill with fresh fluid. The rest of the drive train shouldn’t be affected at all so leave them alone.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Many cars on the Autobahn run at high RPMs for a long time.

As for things to change, maybe a new friend with more common sense would be a good idea. :slight_smile:

What’s the redline on this engine?

Does the vehicle drive and shift normally? If so there was probably no damage.

I’d consider having the transmission fluid changed, but other than that there’s not much you can do.

The engine is governed, so it won’t over-rev, but 75 mph in second gear may have gotten the transmission fluid pretty hot. Pull the transmission dipstick and smell the fluid. If it smells burnt get it changed ASAP.

And maybe your daughter should reconsider which of her friends she allows to drive her vehicle.

Ditto…to all points.

I agree with the others, except I would have the tranny fluid replaced regardless of color/odor. It went through some rough use, no reason to risk expensive problems.

Do not let this person drive her rav4 again lol
Yes change the oil and I would change trans fluid twice, you only get about a thrid of it when you drop the pan so drive it a day or two then do it again.
You always hear smell trans fluid for a burned smell, real good chance it got burned.
I do not think you should flush-bad idea if you ask me.

I don’t know if the Rav4 does it, but some transmissions lockup the torque converter as soon as they shift to 2nd.

Suppose the engine normally turns @ 3k while doing 75. Having the engine turning @ 6k for 2 hours is equivalent to driving an extra 150 miles. 150 miles is a small portion of the 5000 miles oil change interval. Oil pump and water pumps were both running faster to keep things lubricated and cool.

most of the “pros” on here think that driving 6k, 7k 8k, dosen’t harm an engine. Since a 4 cylinder car will last forever it dosen’t matter how fast you drive.