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Accidently drove MY96 Explorer in gear 2 at up to 70mph

Due to environmental conditions and a busy conversation I didn’t notice that it was revving until I heard what seemed to be a belt noise. I immediately stopped until the engine cooled and it seemed to drive ok after that. I am concerned however because the car was sustained at about 65-70 in gear 2 for a couple of minutes… Please advice regarding potential damage and warning signs. Thanks in advance.

Did the engine overheat? What caused the “belt noise?” There’s not enough information in your post.

Normally, driving at 65-70 for a few minutes in second gear would not cause any damage. You’re not the only person who has ever done this.

Sorry. The engine did register high on the temp gauge but no check gauge warning appeared. I believe the noise was actually a pre-existing condition (there is a small hole in the exhuast line which produces the sound).