2013 Tahoe with vibration between 50-55 mph

I have a 2013 tahoe. i installed a used transmission. I had to also have it reprogrammed. It has a vibration between 50-55mph. I also installed a new rear ujoint. I know it needs shocks but can anyone help me as to why it has a slight vibration during these speeds and it stops when letting off the gas

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I’d say that the driveshaft may need to be rebalanced at a driveshaft shop… or you might try unbolting the axle end of the driveshaft and flipping it 180 degrees to see if the vibration goes away. Check to see if there is any slop in the axle yoke while you are there, indicating bad pinion bearings.


Thanks for the reply. I actually thought About turning it 180 degrees like you said so i think I’ll start there since we must both think alike. I only posted it on here because i saw that this was a similar problem. Plus either im dumb or what not but i could not die the life of me find out how to start a new post. Thanks for your input though your the first person to ever reply to me on any one of these forums and i have had a few questions over the years since my mechanic uncle passed away. I can do about anything it’s just nice to have another person’s inputanything

Following up on what Mustangman said, I like the driveshaft flip idea. Usually a pinion bearing will growl before it goes to the point of causing a vibration, in my experience. Any chance this could be a misfire or even the cylinder deactivation kicking in since it happens in that 50-55 mph range where AFM might turn on? If it’s AFM, more throttle will turn it off, and vibration would go away. If it’s a misfire, more throttle should make it worse, at least until the trans downshifts. Could even be torque converter shudder - might see if it has any vibration with overdrive turned off or in manual mode 5th gear (if you’ve got a 6 speed - I think a 2013 would have the 6 speed auto).

Ill give it all a try. Thanks plus i see now the new topic section at the top of my screen. It was not they’re yesterday however i kept getting popups today i think were covering it up on my screen

Im going to try to flip the driveshaft. When i installed the used transmission everyone told me to install the torgue converter that came with that tranny and not to install a new one. Any suggestions on how to fix torque converter shutter if that’s what it might be?

The pop ups have been a periodic issue unfortunately…@cdaquila can you pass that along to the IT folks?

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Not really. I’m no trans expert. I’d rule out misfires, pinion bearing, or any other play in the driveline before I tried to address torque converter shudder (if that’s what it happens to wind up being). I think lubeguard makes an additive that might help with shudder short term.

Did you own and drive this vehicle when it had the other transmission? Just wondering if you know whether there was a vibration or not with the other trans (before it went bad and you swapped to the current one).

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Yes this is our vehicle and it never had the shutter before i installed this new transmission

same year tranny from a 2013 silverado

Clock the driveshaft 180 degrees like Mustangman said and hope for the best. If that’s no help, I can only assume there’s an issue with the new to you used trans or torque converter…or even the install, possibly. I don’t suppose there’s a warranty on it?

I’m going to try it and I’ll let you ask know. I do have a warranty on it 30 days but that ends this week. I installed it and i know everything is in correctly and made certain the torque converter was set all the way. It drives perfect exept that shake when going 50. It’s just a slight vibration then goes away. In going to turn the driveshaft and we shall see

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I’d do those extra diagnostic tests that @Scrapyard-John suggested if you haven’t already. You might save yourself the work of flipping the driveshaft. If you do the tests, stop back and tell us about the results if they do what was suggested. It should only delay your driveshaft change by up to a day.

Haven’t you ever seen tire bounce from worn out struts/shocks?


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