2012 Nissan Rogue - Wobble sound

wobble sound between 30 to 50 mph

Thanks for all the info :rofl: My suggestion is to stay under or over that speed range, preferably under until you get that looked at.

Try some coasting & reving engine in driveway (stopped, in neutral) experiments to figure out if the problem is related to the engine rpm, or the vehicle speed & wheels turning. If wheels, check for unusual tread patterns, make sure wheel lug nuts are all there, installed with the spherical end in the correct orientation, and properly tightened. If any work has been done immediately before you noticed this, ask your shop to remove wheels and install them again, making sure to tighten the lug nuts by hand in 3 rounds of increasing torque. This helps insure wheel is properly centered on hub. Good idea to check the balance of all the wheels too.

Any brake work done recently that involved replacing rotors?