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Drivers side floor soaked in water

2005 honda civic ex 1.7lt sunroof i have the drivers floor rug soaked with water only when it rains no leak coming from sunroof because seats are not wet. Just drivers floor

A missing rubber grommet(body plug) under the driver seat or at the base of the firewall could cause that.Make sure they are not missing. Check your door rubber seal for tear.

Do you have an electric sliding sunroof or one of the aftermarket pop-up types? Sliding sunroofs are designed to leak around the glass and into a gutter system that has drain tubes that run down the A-pillar and exit out by your feet somewhere. Some exit in the door jamb, some under the floorboards, some through the firewall and I’m sure various other places. My guess is it’s plugged or the drain tube has a leak.

Its just a sunroof does not open or slide .

All rubbers are good. But will check the plugs now.

A sunroof that doesn’t open at all? I have never seen that.

While the term sunroof is now used generically to describe any glass panel in the roof, the term “moonroof” was historically used to describe stationary glass panes rigidly mounted in the roof panel over the passenger compartment.

Its a moonroof just for show

One area to check is the windshield wiper linkage trough at the base of the windshield.

Over time debris collects in this trough and plugs the drain holes.

Then when it rains, the trough fills with water until it finds a leak into the interior.

The water usually runs down the inside of the fire wall and under the carpet.


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Its a unroof does not open