Driver Training

Do you know of any driver education training or videos that would help us improve the skills of our hotel drivers in Central America? They have all been driving for many years but have no background on how to anticipate and prevent accidents, how to protect the vehicle, or about safe driving in general? We want to put on a course - ideas welcomed on resources and curriculum?

Education & training are a good idea, but how are you going to overcome the overwhelming role that Machismo plays in that culture? Even after educating and training the drivers, they are still likely to have an innate belief that, in order to be sufficiently “macho”, they need to drive in an aggressive and unforgiving manner.

Take a look at the Smith Driving System:

I worked for a TV station years ago that made us all take it. You can send one employee to Smith to get trained as an instructor, and then he can come back and train everyone else.

I second the Smith System vote. It is widely used in the transportation business, and I know that it vastly improved MY driving!

Just deduct money from their paychecks, it works very fast.