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Drivers ed

on last weeks show, Tom claimed to have taught many people to drive. Just how do you find such a person in a small community, and what do you pay them?

He said he taught them how to drive a manual transmission, but I believe he was referring to his children.

Try the yellow pages under “driving schools.”

You pay them whatever they ask for. Check at least 3 driving schools, and contact the local high schools to see who they use for driver’s ed.

I taught my son using ‘Drivers Ed in a Box’, major time investment on my part, but I think it turned out real well. Your state may or may not accept it.

Thanks guys, It’s hard living in a rural area. Even the high school doesn’t offer the course anymore due to liability reasons.

Our high schools offer classroom training, but you have to get on the road training from a driving school. If your local schools do the same, they may have recommendations. You might also talk to locals with late-teen children.