Power Window Broken

My power window stopped working about a month ago, I have finally taken it into a mechanic and he told me the regulator was out but the motor is still good. He then said I have to purchase the regulator and motor together for around 300 hundred dollars? Is there any way I could just fix the regulator and save some money?

Some vehicles allow the window regulator to be replaced without having to replace the window motor. Other vehicles use a unitized regulator/motor assembly where they are replaced together.


What year Galant? Trim level or # of doors? Which window?

A used regulator/motor is probably cheapest. Aftermarket parts (shop on the web) will be cheaper than a dealer.

A cable broke or how is the regulator broken?

2003 Galant, 4 doors, Driver Side Window

I have no idea how the regulator is broken, the mechanic just said it was broken…when i push the power window button i can still hear the power window motor making a whirring “errrrrr” noise.