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Driver seat electric controls don't work

I have a 2000 2WD, Vortec 4300 V6 Blazer. The driver seat electric controls don’t work so wife can’t adjust seat to drive. So Momma’s not happy. You know what that means, LOL.

Additionally the side mirror control doesn’t work either.

Sure would appreciate your help



Have you checked the fuses for the seat and the mirror? That’s the first thing I’d do.

The owner’s manual should tell you where the fuses are, or some vehicles have a diagram on the fuse box itself.

Also check the wiring connections to the seat motors. If one of the connectors has come apart the motors won’t get any current.

The owner’s manual leaves out which fuse is used for both the mirrors and the seat. Wouldn’t you know it.
I’ll check wires tomorrow. Thank you,

I will describe a common problem with the Blazers electric (drivers seat). The latest Blazer I fixed this on was 1998. The harnes that controls the seat likes to chafe on one of the rear legs that support the seat. I would suggest you remove the drivers seat and look at the harness.

Be sure not to overlook the common and concentrate on this more rare failure.

Thank you. I’ll really try to see if this is a problem before I have to remove the seat. Hope I find the problem before having to do that.
Again thank you,