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"driveable" after accident

I was rear-ended on Friday night, but was able to drive home. When I got there, though, I realized the bumper was pushed down over the exhaust pipe. I’m still waiting to hear back from my insurance before I take it to a garage, which means Monday at the earliest. But I really need groceries. Can I drive this thing?

No one is going to tell you this is safe to drive without seeing the thing in person. Don’t you have a relative or friend that will take you to the store?

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I agree. If the bumper cover is inhibiting the exit of carbon monoxide laden exhaust gasses the car could be a death trap. OP’s insurance may cover a rental car. Mine does.

Call your insurer again and explain the situation and ask them to arrange for a rental now. If that isn’t possible, maybe you can get a friend, taxi, or Uber/Lyft to the grocery store.

Feeling lucky? Usually any additional damage done to a vehicle as a result of continuing to operate it after a collision like that won’t be covered by insurance.

Don’t ask us. Roll by a nearby competent mechanic who can actually physically assess the situation.

It’s like me asking if these new shoes make my butt look big? :wink:

I forgot to mention my insurance also covers towing.

Don’t you mean the other person’s insurance?

I never talk to the other guy’s insurance company. My insurer always does that.


Not necessarily. Some folks are lucky enough to live in a “No Fault” state. The victim pays for everything except maybe the deductible. :scream_cat:
Feel the magic!

I learned that in 2002. Highly recommended.

I don’t know about other states , but in NY, "no fault " only applies to medical coverage, vehicle or property damage is assessed by comparative negligence.

Since I have collision insurance I learned that it is much easier to notify my insurance, get the car repaired right away and a rental car and let my insurance co. go after the other insurance co. When the dust all settles, If it wasn’t my fault, I get my deductible back. And if you get your deductible back, you are considered not at fault for the accident.

Wifey got rear ended sitting at a stoplight, no major noticeable damage, as it was a new model year, we had to wait a month for parts, after 3 months paid the deductible and got it fixed, We got the deductable back a couple months later. The other insurance agency would not respond to our agency, so what hope would I have of them responding to me?

I think the other insurer will eventually respond to your insurer. I imagine your insurer is large enough to have lawyers on staff. That makes it less expensive for them to force the other insurer to talk to them.

I guess we are just lucky. The last two times someone hit our vehicle ( no personal injury ) we received a call from the adjustor within 3 days. The totaled car settlement was negotiated without the persons carrier or us having to scream and holler . The other where a lady backed into the side of our Volvo we had it in the shop of our choice in two days.