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Help on how to handle an accident

Got rear ended today, guy after giving plasma he said. 30 mph no skid marks no slow down. Went to er, got some drugs, different things aching and my head feels like a boloon. I saw him coming in my rear view mirror floored as I was waiting for traffic to clear on a 4 lane road I but could not avoid disaster. He is driving the other person’s car to drive a disabled guy to and from doc appts. Nice guy I am gave him a ride home, as no buds could pick him up for another 3 hours. He got a ticket for inattentive driving. Hospital cannot bill American family, as am family said just have them bill us. Hospital we bill medicare then you, expecting a cluster, and ins first response you don’t have collision so you will have to contact the other insurance for damages. Waiting to hear from adjuster in 1 to 2 days, feeling disappointed in how things are working to this point.

I think you may have to get a lawyer involved . . . because it sounds like you may have some medical issues as a result of the accident. Or you can try to get his insurance to do a maximum payout and hope it’s enough

This sounds REALLY sketchy. Somebody had better make sure the insurance still kicks in, because I’ll bet you lunch the driver that hit you isn’t listed on the policy

What you wrote is really confusing, at least for me . . .

What is “American family” . . . ?!

Who is “us” . . . ?!

And what if the owner’s insurance doesn’t cover damages, because the driver . . . who isn’t the registered owner . . . isn’t listed on the policy?

What do you think the damage on the Trailblazer is . . . ?!

Bumper, bumper skin, tow hitch, spare tire carrier, maybe the muffler . . . ?!

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Thank you for response, American Family is the name of our Insurance policy issuer, I would guess my repairs at $1500, his car I would guess it totaled, tow truck driver was trans showed it in park but it was really in neutral. Just knowing hospital bills medicare first, and then denies and I have to jump through hoops. And sorry no collision coverage liability only, we can’t help you. Sure I am bitching, sure I have not heard from the adjuster, another day or 2, but I was expecting as the insurance company said have them send the bills to us, aint going to happen.

Medicare and car insurance companies. I expect that’s going to be a challenge. I don’t understand either. However I’d have expected your own auto insurance company to go to some effort to get the collision loot (to pay for the damage to you car) from the other driver’s insurance company so you didn’t have to. they aren’t responsible for the collusion damage, but I’d expect the two insurance companies would work w/each other so the car owner didn’t have to be involved w/the details of the collision claims. The proviso being that there’s no dispute who’s at fault, which seems pretty clear in this case…

Anyway, sorry that had to happen. Seems pretty painful. There’s no way to prevent that sort of thing, so the best you can do is grin and bear it I guess. I’ll be crossing my fingers you’ll be made whole and in a fair and expeditious manner.

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Looks pretty doubtful it will be expeditious, Woke up from power nap, still not up to norm, thank you for your thoughts @George_San_Jose1

Muffler is still there, certainly lost quite a few inches in ground clearance tough.

With no fault, I don’t know. Your medical should take care of medical expenses, correct? As far as the car goes, you can either settle on the car and get it fixed or get it fixed with your own insurance and pay the deductible since you don’t have collision. In a year or two when they subrogate, you get your deductible back.

Then there is the liability end of it. If you have permanent injuries and it affects your life style, etc. etc. That’s why we have the millions in an umbrella. Not for car repairs.

At any rate, your agent is your friend or day time TV has lawyers on all the time for auto injuries,


I do not think WI is no fault. I imagine medical will get covered one way or another, though if it ends up costing a few grand whatever. I have no collision on the 03, liability only, In my mind the insurance for the other company will have to pay damages as hitter was ticketed for inattentive driving, so there is no deductible, how soon is another question.

So you have no insurance for damage to your own car, just straight liability? The only thing collision does is allow you to get the car fixed, no cost to you regardless of which company ends up paying the bill. Without collision you end up paying the deductible but if all you have is liability, you end up paying it yourself or waiting for the check. Driveable anyway.

More concerned about your neck and head. Just don’t close anything out fast. It can take a while for the effects to show up. As far as how soon, I’ve been paid in a few days or a week once I have the estimate. Someone bashed my door in at Wisconsin Dells once and left a note. I got an estimate and submitted the claim to her Wisconsin agent and had the money in about a week. Get a copy of the police report anyway and fill out the state accident report. You’ll want that if the other guy starts to wiggle out. Guys are always nice at first when they run into someone. The guy that Tboned me was nice even after I told him to F himself.

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Thank you for your thoughts, I expect car repair compensation from the guy who rear ended me and got ticketed for damage. Police said an accident report will take about a week, I do have an incident number. I do not think at this point it is time to lawyer up, probably should document my head still feels like a watermelon. The lungs sounded fine but they wanted to do a lung xray to make sure I did not have a collapsed lung, I was like never mind, my lungs are fine, thinking I should have been under the tent for concussion, every thing from the dash was knocked back, and the hat from my head ended up in the back seat. thanks for listening.Wife is getting tired f me saying ouch.

You are right, Wisconsin is no a no fault state. You don’t seem to be thinking clearly and I think you should get an attorney, one who handles auto accident cases.

At this point , you have no Idea what your medical future is going to be like.


@Barkydog Please get checked by your doctor right away! So sorry this has happened to you.


Agree with Marnet get checked and hope for the best and good luck.


I hear you, went to emergency room, dismissed. Ibuprofen and muscle relaxer prescribed

He doesn’t have an insurance company for that. He only has liability insurance, which means he has an insurance company to deal with his screwups, not him being the victim of other people’s screwups.

Liability only policies really do mean liability only. Your insurance company is not your dad, and they will not lift a finger to help you unless you have paid them to. Barky is going to have to collect from the other guy’s insurance without help from AmFam.

And Barky, from personal experience I can tell you to get the tests the doctor thinks you need, and follow the doctor’s instructions explicitly, or you risk losing out on personal injury recovery.


Carp, ow ow, got to stop saying that, I really hope my insurance company will cover medical expenses and contact the other guys for repairs, I will let you know what happens, but it really feels like I am being left in the wind, and have to do all kinds of stuff to break even for stuff that was not my fault.

Get an attorney. This accident was clearly not your fault.
As others have told you (and I know from personal experience) if you have no collision insurance, you are on your own to collect from the other driver’s policy. I’m more concerned as to whether the driver is listed as an approved driver on the other party’s policy, and your medical bills.

I’ve researched several auto cases here in Connecticut and have found that even in low speed “fender bender” cases, claimants have successfully collected after being “violently thrown about” inside their cars and suffering “lifetime effects due to their injures”.

But only if you do everything the doctor tells you to. @Barkydog should go back to the hospital and get that lung xray they wanted.

I got t-boned when I was 17 by a guy who ran a stop sign because he was reading documents for his job while speeding. Destroyed my car and caused a permanent back injury. I went to PT for over a year, and it did nothing, so I stopped going even though my doctor told me to keep at it. I was heading off to college and didn’t want to squeeze in PT that wasn’t working amongst my classes and activities. By the end of my freshman year, it was very obvious that the back pain wasn’t ever going to go away, so I got a lawyer and filed a PI suit.

Because I had gone “against medical advice” and stopped going to the therapy that was doing nothing for me, I got very shafted in the judgment. Personally, I do not consider potentially as many as 80 years of back pain to only be worth $7,000. I should have gotten well into a 5-figure, possibly even 6-figure, settlement for that, but the defense successfully argued that maybe the injury wouldn’t have been permanent if I’d done what the doctor told me to and so they should only have to pay out for the pain up to that point.

You don’t want to screw around with this, and you should contact a personal injury attorney sooner than later so that you can have counsel as to what you should and should not be doing to avoid screwing up any potential future settlement/judgment.


you should contact a personal injury attorney

If Barky’s area is any thing like mine he won’t have far to look for an attorney as the ambulance chaser’s should be contacting him.