Drive with both feet

I understand what you saying.

We had a major thread on this topic some time ago, perhaps on the old board. The greatest experts on driving with both feet turned out to be the ones who had never done it. Amazing.

I stated that I had big feet, and have great troubles moving my feet back and forth without hassle. So, way back in 1973 when I got my first automatic transmission, I started driving with both feet. Suddenly, I had no problem driving in town or heavy traffic.

Some amazing talent who has never driven with both feet, thus knows much more about it than those who have done it SAFELY for years, told me I had been driving badly for all those years.

There are exactly two reasons for not driving with both feet. First, some of the experts, that is, those who have never done it, pass laws prohibiting it, because they like to be in control of their fellow citizens.

Second, if sometimes you need to drive a manual transmission, then it is best not to learn it. I have driven manual transmission once since 1973, and that was an old Beetle, in Mexico, about 250 yards on a side street. It was fun.

In the Valley of Mexico, cars pull into traffic with about 4 to six inches of clearance. You one-footers cannot possibly avoid a wreck, then whine about how bad the local drivers are, on Mexico forums. There simply is not enough time to be moving those feet back and forth in a 3 - 4 inch gap between cars. To my surprise, I had no problem with that sort of traffic.

It does take several weeks to change your reflexes. One must make special effort to avoid close calls for those few weeks until your brain re-programs.

People who drive around with their brake lights on, don’t do so because they drive with both feet. They do it because they are lousy drivers, and they would be even lousier driving with one foot.

I often drive 1200 - 1500 miles on US highways in two days, on cruise control. If I so much as bump the brake pedal, CC shuts off. CC does not shut off unless I want it to.

I drive with both feet because I am much safer doing so. Last wreck on I-35 Low in Austin in 1998, roughly 200,000 miles ago, when traffic stopped suddenly without warning. Second car behind me, obviously one-foot driver, did not get stopped, and smashed the three cars ahead of him. My son said I was at fault, because I should not have been on I-35 Low; after some thought, I agreed with him. But, the other driver’s insurance paid anyway.

Last wreck before that, was in, um, 1968. Also, car behind did not stop. An unlicensed teen age girl.

Last wreck before that, totally my fault. I made sure I taught my kids better than Iw was taught.

The greatest experts on driving with both feet turned out to be the ones who had never done it. Amazing.

Well spoken.

Well, I surely have ridden with 2 foot drivers but I never notice which foot they are using. I drive with both feet, and have for around 56 years, and think it is the best way to go!!Also I do know that my wife drives the same way. And she has for over 50 years.

Kudos for a good explanation…well said irlandes.

Well, 2 foot driving has worked well for me for 56 years. I was out about town tonight for a while and I didn’t notice anyone riding the brakes. I saw some brake lights on some downhill places and approching a red light, but I thot that was normal.