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One foot driving vs two feet driving (a/t car)

searching " two feet driving", there are lots of arguements that we can’t read in a day. then we, human solve the problem anyway, if it is another problem. then, about this one, human, both side do not suggest a decisive evidence. so, now, i’m gonna show you one foot driving is wrong.

first of all, i will display a merit of two feet driving, then, you, one foot persister suggest a merit of one foot driving, at least 3 article, …

. the merit of two feet driving,

  1. breaking is fast, so it is more safe than one foot driving. car accident is propotional to the stopping distance.
  2. starting is also fast. it is a condition of good car.
  3. it is convenient because we do not move the leg.
  4. it is safe in the slippery road. (in the rain & snow)
  5. it is good at using our body balancefully.
  6. it is good at passing the anti-speeding bump.
  7. it will lower the engine sound.
  8. starting is smooth.
  9. it will prevent SUA accident. ( sudden unintended acceleration )
  10. it will prevent a pedal confuesing accident.
  11. it is goot at left hand/foot user.
  12. it is good at fuel saving driving.
  13. traffic flow will be increased about 5% more.
  14. … etc. for the more details, pls, refer to my blog,

there are lots of merits in two feet driving, then, please, suggest only 3 article of one foot driving, just only 3 , … do you know ?

one foot driving is the most dangerous driving method & structure. this is the worst machine structure in human history. car maker made a big big mistake. correct a error as soon as possible ! god gave us two foot to use all. he did not gave us it, because he has some spare.

a reasonable european is not reasonable at all.

안녕히 계세요 !

zinqpark, taxi driver, 56 years old, from seoul, Korea.

This was already beaten to death 5 years ago, in following listed thread and I’m sure in others even more recently. I just didn’t feel like searching real hard, since you didn’t either.

p.s. I’m not going to feed this one.

There are tons of topics that resurface with regularity. Nothing more then oil change intervals. I think that it’s pretty well agreed that all drivers are different and even though we all have, with some exceptions, two arms and two legs, we can all use them in slightly different ways and still be effective drivers. The reason why this keeps resurfacing is, some want to claim their way is best instead of the obvious…,their way is best for them and not for everyone else. If in situations like this we can’t accept that some of us have different aptitudes, preferences and physical capabilities. , discussion like this, which are quite different then oil change intervals, will just keep coming back.

With all due respect, you may bring up t a lot of examples to support your reasoning but let’s face it, manual transmission drivers are ONE FOOTED drivers as far as braking is concerned and they have no problems. It’s situational as well as preference. Give it a rest…with all due respect.

so you don t like Europe eh?

I used to teach a driving class in the Air Force. Using your left foot to brake was an immediate fail…both in the vehicle and on the driving simulator. I know some people who drive with both feet and they manage but it’s still wrong. Besides…I think most studies on this technique agree that driving with 2 feet creates of lot of “riding the brake” drivers.

The biggest issue with left foot braking is that you tend to ride the brake while driving causing excessive brake wear and driving people behind you crazy with brake lights constantly flashing on and off for no apparent reason.
There’s nothing wrong with it if you learn to do it right without riding the brake, a lot of race car drivers actually do it because there is less time transition from acceleration to braking.
Most of us are right footed just like we are right handed and using the left foot for this task is just as awkward as using our left hand to do something we are accustomed to doing with our right hand. Try kicking a football with your left foot and you’ll see what I mean.

I was a left footed “braker” since my days driving an ambulance on city streets and a later a patrol car. I prefer it but it’s all personal taste. I drive a tractor nearly every day with the brake pedal ( in two parts for for turning ) on the right with the hydrostatic gear change pedal. The throttle is on the Column while the left foot controls the seldom used clutch for range changing and the rear diff lock pedal. The other day when I inadvertently delayed putting the three range selector into gear and the tractor rolled slightly, I automatically braked with the right foot. Otherwise, all braking is done with the hydrostatic pedal. For twenty years I drove manual trans trucks with right foot braking and a family car auto with left foot and never experienced an urge to sell distruct. The only thing I urge some to do, is DO IT BOTH WAYS DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION. . backing up in tight spaces with a large trailer and using mirrors and left foot braking is a natural for control. I would urge people to use both by need. For general driving, it doesn’t matter one stinking bit.

And no, I don’t ride the brakes…
If @BLE. you want to use a sports analogy, many sports are bi lateral and you use your left foot to post or push with your right hand to throw or shoot as in basketball. So, people who played lots of sports, right handlers often have stronger left legs. Besides, lefties would then be left out if the conversation with the sports analogy. You don’t kick a brake pedal, you push it…:wink: your pushing muscles are opposed to your kicking other then those used for stabilization. Sorry to get technical but coaching football makes you a little anal that way.

(Sigh) this topic has already been exhausted, and anyone who is reasonable acknowledges this is a PREFERENCE when it comes to private vehicles. Do what works for you and have the grace to recognize that the fact that you prefer one or the other doesn’t make it the best choice for everyone.

Next you’re going to tell me automatic transmissions are better than manual, or six cylinder engines are inherently better than four cylinder engines, or coffee is better than tea, or scotch is better than wine, or some other inherently foolish thing. Give it a rest already.

I have to agree with Whitey.
The folks who are so insistent that their method of braking is the better one remind me of children arguing over silly issues such as “Which are better, dogs or cats?”.

I think that everyone should decide what works best for him/her, and should allow others to do the same.

Maybe our time would be better spent arguing about who would win a fight between Superman and Mighty Mouse.

I’m going to take Superman’s side, because Mighty Mouse is a cartoon; Superman is real. :wink:

or coffee is better than tea, or scotch is better than wine

I’m sorry Whitey but, coffee IS better than tea, and scotch IS better than wine. And this IS NOT debatable!! LOL :wink:

Don’t professional driving instructors teach you to use the right foot for braking? That’s what I heard, for what it’s worth

I’m only talking about this country, by the way

I might add that I never had a professional driving instructor. My father taught me to drive

And please, don’t anybody chime in and say that european drivers use left foot braking. I’m from there, and I never observed anybody I knew doing that. Maybe the youngsters do that now, but not when I lived there

새로운 자동차 브레이크 페달에 조금 푸시에서 스로틀을 잘라. 이 두 발 위험 운전합니다.

I don’t care what anyone does, but when someone tries to force their opinion on everyone as a matter of law, I say enough.

The usual argument here is, well, if you brake with your left foot, you will ride the brake.

That is pure nonsense. There is only one reason to ride the brake, and that is poor driving techniques separate from which foot is used on the brake.

We do have a lot of old people driving and each year we are going to have more. It is imperative we deal effectively and safely with their driving training.

Older people have trouble telling where their feet are down there under the dash. This causes a lot of wrecks, in some cases serious ones, when a right foot elderly braker hits the throttle. Enough already. Right foot braking for older people who can’t tell where their feet are, is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Every time that foot has to go back and forth is another serious incident opportunity.

When an older person gets in the car it is imperative they carefully get their feet in the right places, and KEEP THEM THERE.

Older people need to be taught to drive with left foot braking, and to be taught to not ride the brake while doing it. If necessary we might have to put an alarm so riding the brake above a certain speed is detected and an alarm sounds.

Please don’t bore me with the “if they have that problem they should lose their license.” That is not going to happen. Too many older people vote, and to take away a license from old people creates a major hardship, just because an intolerant person thinks the brake light is going to give him the same headache certain types claim they get if someone types all capital letters.

But, if we waste time trying to force them or shame them or threaten them to brake with the right foot, there is no opportunity to teach them to avoid riding the brake.

All the reasons given for left foot braking have at least some merit. Most of the reasons given against it are mostly anal in nature.

When the first typewriter was made, the mechanism was too sloppy for any speed. So the inventor jumbled the keys to slow the typist up. Over 100 years later the entire planet in this information age is still losing around 30% efficiency as a result. qwertyuiop[]

The first time I encountered this debate here I commented that I had been driving that way since 1973. Someone arrogantly told me “YOU HAVE BEEN DRIVING WRONG SINCE 1973.” Nonsense.

I sat and thought a while. I estimate I have driven well over 500,000 miles that way. And 300,000 miles just since I retired. One major wreck caused by a man behind me who was probably talking on his cell phone, 1998.

One fender bender cost around $180, several years ago. I was 25% responsible but I knew he had no money so I paid.

One a few months ago. A pickup slammed into and damaged the three cars ahead of him. I wrote about that on another thread.

So, exactly where is the “wrong-ness”? There isn’t any.


“I don’t care what anyone does, but when someone tries to force their opinion on everyone as a matter of law, I say enough.”

Yet, it appears that you are trying to force your own opinion on us

Because you seem to be saying that older drivers MUST be taught to brake with their left foot

“All the reasons given for left foot braking have at least some merit. Most of the reasons given against it are mostly anal in nature.”

It seems to me you are in favor of left foot braking. Or at least, you’re not opposed to it

Yet, you write that the arguments against it are anal

So, if anybody argues against left foot braking, their arguments are anal?

But if somebody agrees that left foot braking is good, that argument has some merit?

I thought this is a free country, and we’re allowed to have our own opinions?

But if we have the “wrong” opinion, we’re being anal?

Man, my nose is still bloody from the last time. I’m not going back in that room again. I’m driving away with my right foot on the gas and my left foot ready to brake if necessary.

I was taught by my instructor in the Jurassic period, and subscribe to the belief, that an automatic should be driven with the right foot only. But to force my belief on others is inane. There are countless perfectly safe drivers that use both feet.

Meanwhile, there are countless people driving around “buzzed” and even inebriated, and that definitely isn’t safe. Those are the people we should focus on getting off the roads. We are far too complacent on that issue. And if we can’t even get drunks with multiple violations, many with suspended licenses, off the roads, why would we waste our time trying to get people who drive with both feet off the roads? And, if their record is clean, why should we?

Don’t we have more than enough useless and unenforceable laws? We’ve gotten to the point now that grade school bake sale items have to comply with federal nutritional requirements. Enough is enough.

Besides, Fred Flintstone drives with both feet, and I LIKE Fred Flintstone!!

@irlandes, you’re wrong about the typewriter/keyboard design. It’s designed the way it is so the keys used most are near the strongest fingers and the keys used least are near the weakest fingers. If you learn proper typing technique, you will see this is true. I don’t know where you got that story, but it sounds like an urban myth to me. The home row keys (asdfghjkl;) are found in more English sentences than letters at the ends of the upper and lower rows that are typed with the pinkies and ring fingers (qwzxopnm). When you touch type using the proper technique, you might realize the placement of the keys is quite logical, especially if you use an ergonomic keyboard.

Every car I have ever owned, with the exception of a '64 Chevy Nova, had three pedals, yet even though my left foot only gets used to operate the clutch, I somehow manage to drive without riding the clutch with my left foot.
I have even learned to brake with my left foot when I owned an old British motorcycle that had the rear brake on the left side. If you are used to braking with your left foot, it’s no big deal. I think the biggest reason it was long considered a bad habit was because of the prevalence of standard transmissions way back then where you needed the left foot for the clutch.

the tendency to push with BOTH feet is deep rooted in every person’s subconscious…so ,no matter your conscious logic on the subject…it truly more dangerous to brake with the left foot.
( changing methods when either one is already habit is more dangerous. )

when you brake with the right, your foot is instantly already off the accelerator.
when you brake with the left, your right foot is STILL on the accelerator !!! and the root tendency to push with both feet ?
especially when…
you are in a precarious maneuvering situation when you also must brace yourself for good operation of all aspects of the vehicle.
your left foot is that anchor. …
you have NO anchor when both feet are suspended up towards both pedals !
( I have personal proof of the value of one extremity needed to anchor for safe maneuvering during evasive action and…there was no accident. I’ll be glad to tell youall if you want to hear it again)

And that left foot easing the brake on constantly ?
My shop is filled with prematurely worn out brakes and brake light bulbs …and customers who have no clue !

and here’s another driving operation difference to practice…just to be able if the need arises…
for the sake of injury adaptation…
practice driving …brake and accelerator … with your LEFT foot.
( practice writing and using tools with your opposite hand as well. this skill is hugely valuable for everyday use )