Computer reset takes 100 miles of driving?



Please help!

I feel caught between a hard place and the apathy of a ten-year warranty. I took my 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT into Hyundai service because when I put my car into drive, it takes up to a minute to go into gear. The service manager told me he fixed the problem by reseting the computer. But when I left for work the next day, the problem was still there. So I called him and was told the following: “IT TAKES ABOUT 100 MILES BEFORE THE COMPUTER RESETS.”

I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous in my life. Anybody know if this guy is jerking my chain???



“Anybody know if this guy is jerking my chain???”[quote]

I agree with your assessment. Whether your computer is reset or not, your car should not behave this way. Even in computer default mode you should get the immediate shift. A 100-mile drive is not going to change anything.

This guy promised your car was fixed and it wasn’t. Go back with your receipt and demand he either fix it for real or refund your money and admit he doesn’t know how to make this repair.


Like Steve sez, this is ridicuous & the dealer needs to fix the problem properly.

Take a look at & click on “recalls & technical service bulletins”
and enter the info for your Elantra.

TSB 04-40-012 auto transmission “Harsh or delayed engagement” looks like a good match for your problem.

Apparently this is a common problem on 03 Elantras, so Hyundai has issued this bulletin to let dealer techs know how to fix it quickly & easily.


Thanks guys! That advice helps me tremendously. I really appreciate your taking the time!!!


Thank you the great information. I just have a quick question. I found the TSB on alldata, but I couldn’t access the information on the service side without paying for it. And honestly, I don’t have a lot of money going spare.
I tried to find the TSB elsewhere, but when I went to Hyundai’s website and to the NTSB, I still couldn’t find recommended remedies for the problem. Any ideas where I might find these?

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If you are going back to the dealership, ask the service manager for a copy of the TSB. These things are not trade secrets. A customer, anyone, is entitled to know.

Even if the service manager pleads ignorance he is still in the hot seat for a warranteed repair that failed.


Here is a copy of the TSB hope it helps.


Just to prove the tech was lying to you here is the TSB about auto trans relearn procedure. I see nothing about it driving 100 miles.


Sorry here is the TSB.


Thank you so much, Michael! Now I can return to the dealer with some ammunition.


Thank you so much, Michael! Now I can return to the dealer with some ammunition.