Drive belts, 92 corolla



On May 30 my car was making this awful noise. I happened to be near a Toyota dealer, I had them look at it. They claimed the a/c compressor needed to be replaced for $977. I said I was out of work and didn’t have that kind of money. So they removed the belt going to the a/c.

Last Monday, I was driving home from job hunting and in short succession I heard something rattle through my engine compartment. The second noise also produced the battery light to come on, the brake lights to come on and the power steering disappeared. I stopped the car and located a pulley which resembles the idler pulley.

I called Toyota and told them they were negligent, claiming they failed to tighten the nut on the idler pulley. They said the idler pulley had nothing to do with any of the work they did.

I ordered a pulley as the one I had was nicked an appeared as it might damage the belt, which is still intact.

After installing the pulley, the belt, the new pulley has no involvement with the alternator, nor the power steering. The Idler pulley does seem to line up with the a/c compressor pulley.

Is Toyota Service manager giving me a story, shirking responsibility?

Carlos in Palm Bay Florida


No, they’re not giving you a story or shirking responsibility. I see no way they could be responsible. Your car is 16 years old and things will wear out. Tomorrow it may be something else.