Drive a DeSoto before you decide!

I have always thought that the DeSotos of the mid-Fifties were the best-looking Chrysler products of that era.

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Agree especially the 59.

My Uncle had a '58 DeSoto 4-door hardtop. Blue & white. Really nice-looking car.
He took us for a ride on the NJ Turnpike, and proceeded to demonstrate that he could steer the car with a thread (torn from his cuff, and tied to the top of the wheel). Yes, that’s how ultra-low effort the power steering was on Chrysler products of that era. All I could think of was…
What if that thread breaks while we are traveling at 60 mph?


They are,.and the '57 was the best looking DeSoto. And remember, tell 'em Groucho sent you!

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No dispute as far as Chrysler, although I liked the Newport too, but what mid-50’s car of all USA makes was the best looking?

I’d nominate the Ford Thunderbird.

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My nominee is the '56-'57 Continental Mark II.


Finding golf courses to drive it on in a chore … lol …

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Or the 57 or 58 eldorado brougham

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My bil had a 58 and it was a great car. Smooth and fast. Had to watch the rust though.

I had a 56 Fireflight that I loved, a great car for a big guy, Same wheelbase and room as a ChryslerNew yorker but the hemi in the mid size block Desoto was 330 cubic inches, rather than the large block Chrysler hemi at 354 cubes. The Desoto was lighter ant the tires were 7.60 x15 rather than the 8.20s of the New Yorker. The performance results were quite similar. there were some cars quicker off the line, but there were no many that could touch them on the open road.

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Chrysler vehicles of that period have been criticized for quality and rust by Car Talk members, now we should appreciate those vehicles?

I drove a Chrysler 300 from that era for 6 months and made my discission, I drive only Chrysler products.

I liked the styling of the 57-61 Mopars, 1960 Desoto would be my favorite. Loved the canted fins and tail light treatment.
57-59 would prefer a Dodge, liked how Dodge used the chrome trim in creating two tone vehicles.
I like fins!

The folks looking for cars that are easy to get in and out of, find a Mopar with the optional swivel seats.