What's your favorite tool?

I found mine today! In order to remove the brake rotors on my Accord, I had to back out 2 Phillips head screws per rotor. They were stuck, so I found an impact wrench for about $15 at the hardware store. You set it for left or right (off/on) and beat it with a hammer to move the screw. A real Cave Man Tool! What a day! I fixed my brakes be beating them with a hammer!

I have to say my favorite is a cordless screwdriver that has all the bits and runs on AA batteries. I am so burned out on rechargeable batteries. I am sure this is not what you were thinking, but thanks for listening!

A good cordless drill is mine. For Cave Man stuff, various pry bars still get quite a bit of use.

Impact Driver (Impact Wrench). JT, Before I Even Clicked On “What’s your favorite tool?”, I Had Already Chosen It, Too.

I’ve had mine for several (many) decades. It’s a Craftsman and I got it about the time of my third or fourth motorcycle. Back then It would have been impossible to work on my sixties era 305 Honda Superhawk without one. The bikes back then came with phillips head screws holding the engine together and they’d corrode a little and seize in the aluminum engine parts. Once out, I’d replace them with a set of allen head screws.

I still use it when another tool or tools just won’t work.

My most fun tool is my non-contact infrared thermomoter or my stethoscope. Dead blow hammers are cool, too.


The best tool is information, so I will have to say the Internet.

My pocket knife - hands down. It lives in my right hand pocket. I’ve had the same Victorinox riding in that pocket for about 15 years. Knife blade, flat and philips drivers, awl, can/bottle opener, file. At one time there was a tweezer and a toothpick - those are the only 2 things that haven’t made it through the years. I’m especially pleased that it never runs out of batteries.

While this is not a material tool I would say my favorite is wisdom. Knowledge is good but wisdom is knowledge applied. No one can use a tool to it’s full potential with out wisdom.

With that said my other favs are any tool that makes brake jobs better, i.e pad spreaders, hold down spring retainer tools, etc.
Torque wrench
impact swivel sockets / the type that swivel on a ball in the center instead of the chrome finger pinching universal type.
my 36" long 1/2 drive to 3/8 adapter / this has been a life saver since you can access a fastener and still swing a rachet.
cordless drill
table saw

I have two favorite tools on my workbench which I use to “repair” everything. One is my sledge hammer and the other is my propane torch. If I can’t beat it to pieces, I burn it up. Since we are a throw-away society with so little that can be fixed, I might as well have some satisfaction before throwing something away.

I save a lot of time with speed loaders for drill bits. The Craftsman pistol grip ratcheting screwdriver is another one I like. I wouldn’t want to do without the air ratchet either.

This tool is a “must have” for Hondas, used mine every day.Works best when you put some pre-load on it in the direction you want it to twist.

A Dremel tool.

An impact driver is very good to have around, a necessity for removing the screws that hold the rotors onto the Honda Accords, and others. Hammers and pry bars of various sizes are also good to have. My favorites are my reversible ratcheting wrenches. They really speed up a lot of jobs. For where I work now, which is in a factory working on plastic blowmolding and extrusion machinery, a ball pein hammer and Allen pack will fix almost anything.

Does a compressor count as one tool ?

Almost forgot, one of those little pocket screwdrivers, at times you can make it half way through the day with just that little screwdriver…and a pen.

My favorite tool is my motorcycle jack.

I was thinking that everyone could have their own favorite, no matter what it is.

Sure! all the attachments are “accessories”. Anyway, meaneyedcatz listed several. YOu can have more than one favorite if you like.

I don’t use it as often as many of my other hand tools, but I really like a good breaker bar. Of course, if you ask me next week I might pick something else.

I almost forgot the ratchet attachment for the breaker bar!

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