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It’s true. Some folks have money and no brains. The recent build on the restoration of the GM Dreamliner is proof. The owner paid craftsman to work on the rusty hulk for over 1 yr. no mention was made of final cost. I think 3 are left? I saw 1 at a car show 3-4 yrs ago. Yes, it’s a bus chassis with modified side panels that replace the windows. I bet there are dozens of worn out 50’s buses sitting in barns that could be used as a starting point. I see other idiots buying $1million dollar motorhomes so the concept of having a teak lined bus with marble floors is certainly nothing new. Spending 100k on a streetrod is silly enough.

What’s a Dreamliner? Are you talking about the ‘Futureliner’?

Great vehicle. The way mobile homes and entertainment centers should be made; big wheels/tires and high ground clearance. WOW, I want two, one to go. Of course driving one of these things would scare the begeezus out of you if you were afraid of heights. Great view of the road ahead though and awesome looking bumper. Look out for the Yaris…thump, thump.

Hobby cars (and buses) are not going to and do not have to make financial sense. From a pure accounting point of view I’m an idiot for keeping my old '93 MR2 around. The stupid thing sucks a few hundred out of me, at least, every summer with something new breaking. I should get rid of it and just drive my daily.

I should also not have any pets, a hot tub, any plantings in my yard, and my house should be windowless to save on heating bills.

Sometimes we advanced apes do things that cost us money because they improve our enjoyment of life. I bet the guy who had that bus restored has a huge grin on his face every time he drives it, or even just looks at it. I know I would.

One of the docs at work spend years restoring and converting a Greyhound bus for use after retirement. He finally retired and got it done and took it out for a drive. Ran it into a tree and sold it. Hotels can be pretty cheap in comparison.

I think that’s a really cool machine, and If I had the bucks to spare, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

IIRC, a restored Futureliner sold at the Barrett Jackson auction for over $2 million. I’m sure the seller mad a lot in that transaction.

Try $4 mil, in 2006.

When I was in Elementary school,somehow I got enough money to attend the GM-Preview of Progress,in our little school auditorium it was awesome,was that neat bus what they traveled around the country in?-Kevin

This one is my favorite. You can actually drive it from the “flying bridge” in good weather.

Either one of those old sleds would be ultra-cool to take a spin in now and then; assuming one could get over the fear of being broadsided and having precious unobtanium body parts smeared into oblivion.

About 5 years ago a long time buddy of mine over the border in KS bought an old 60s era Trailways bus even though he had no use for it It was reasonably straight, cheap, and the old diesel runs good for the age. He takes that monstrosity out now and then on a whim just to raise eyebrows. He even took it on an interstate trip a couple of years ago.

He also built a Harley Sportster powered lawn tractor; sans the blades and mowing deck. It’s got straight pipes sticking up about head level and he’s won the “Loudest Exhaust” trophy at several bike shows with it. I’ve heard it at his house so it’s a good thing he lives out in the country… :slight_smile:

Wow a SB ,powered,FWD custom truck-Kevin

wow. did GM make that bus that was pictured? I had trouble making out the logo on the grill…

@wesw this is direct from Wikipedia:

The GM Futurliners were a group of stylized buses designed in the 1940s by Harley Earl for General Motors. They were used in GM’s Parade of Progress, which traveled the United States exhibiting new cars and technology. The buses were built to replace the eight Streamliners that were used from 1936-1940.[1] The Futurliners were used from 1940 to 1941 and again from 1953 to 1956. A total of 12 were built, and nine were still known to exist as of 2007.


I knew it sold for more than $2 million! Thanks for the reminder of how much over. I just remembered that I was astounded when the gavel fell.

Barrett-Jackson gets to sell the same futureliner twice now that Ron Pratt is selling most of his collection at the auction in Scottsdale this January. This is the one that sold for 4 million+ in 2006 and this year the proceeds from the futureliner sale go to the Armed Forces Foundation.

2006 was still in the go-go era before the big bank collapse. It will be interesting to see how much his Futureliner brings now.

Super rare vehicles like this have recovered from the collapse and then some. I bet it goes for more.

That will be fun to watch. I enjoy the televised auctions because it is a great opportunity to see unique and often well well restored cars of any type and vintage.