Artmobile Help

I just found out my 96 Safari has too many problems to economically fix. I need to haul sculpture and tools around occasionally and tow a trailer, but mostly I try to save the planet by not driving–except when business and aging parents require longer trips.I Any suggestions on a reliable vehicle that won’t make me feel broke or guilty all the time? I can only afford maybe $5,000. unless a seller’s willing to barter for art.

You might want to look into a used Pontiac Aztek. They have about 75% parts interchangability with the Montana, are reasonably reliable and cheap since Pontiac went with an odd design (only skin deep!)they get high 20’s on the highway and came with a towing package. Lots of room inside with the seats removed and room for five with the seats inside. Good luck!

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

newpony made a good suggestion, actually, if you can stomach the exterior. Also, older Pontiac Vibes should be in your price range now.

Failing that, the good ol’ Honda CRV or the minivan of your choosing.

Bonus: the Aztek front end looks like it was designed by Picasso.

An artist buying an Aztek…now there’s an interesting paradox!

It’s a true cubist design; if you liked Picasso’s angular art, you’d have to love the Aztek.

I like his early art…his real art…before he lost his mind!

But I admire his ability to have made a living doing that.

I agree that the fella who designed the Aztek must have been a cubist…or a garbage truck designer.

Okay, laughs aside. I bought one for my wife in 2002; it was a 2001 model with 11 miles on the clock. She couldn’t stand it until she drove it. She’s really upset now that if anything happened to it, we can’t replace it with a new one. The design was the big error that GM made. The platform is solid. GM forgot that “Form follows Function.” BTW I paid 14K for a 26K stickered vehicle. Arklady should be able to find a decent one for <5K.