Dream Car

Dear Tom and Ray:

I always look forward to reading your ?Car Talk? articles in our Saturday paper. I’m a car guy and I like to see if my answer matches your answers to readers questions. One thing I can not do is come up with the good lines at the end of your answers that put a simile on my face. Here is my question for you. I’m 62 and I have a Datsun 210 that I race in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) road races. My wife has been attempting to get me to stop racing for many years. She has offered me a Porsche Boxster if I give up the race car and get rid of all the spare motors, transmission, tires, and rear ends in our garage. I would use the Porsche as a daily driver. Is this really a good idea? We do have some snow in the Midwest where I live. This is not a midlife crisis (or late life crisis) as I have always done stuff like this. What do you guys think about this? Help me out with a personalized license tag. Maybe boy racer or something along this type of license tag. I should add that the Boxster is my dream car. I think I should get one with the six speed manual as I have never shifted with a six speed transmission.


P.S. I am the wife and I would like to explain why I think Paul should quit racing. Paul had a hip replacement in 2001,

back surgery in 1990, and numerous other ailments to his back and legs. Last summer he got hit while racing and it took approximately 2-3 months to fully recuperate. I didn’t really realize how badly he hurt until I accidentally overheard a phone conversation he was having with one of his racing buddies. I would like to have a husband who has all of his body parts intact and can grow old with me. Am I being unreasonable?


  1. this is not tom and ray, this is the college of automotive hard knocks, or um, just a bunch of car nuts who give free advice.
  2. 62 is time to quit racing because your brain has now begun to attrophy (I am in my 60s so I know what I am talking about, and this is not an attempt to insult anyone.) your reflexes are getting slower, and your decision making ability is also slower.
  3. your body is no longer up to the stress, as the pain is telling you every day of your life. ( I have to do yoga every day to keep the back and legs from hurting, I recommend it to anyone with back pain, but take it easy.)
  4. the Boxster is a way bitchen machine, and a fair trade for the old 210 and sundry spare parts, which should go to a much younger fella with a yen for old car repairs.
  5. Your wife is a dear soul, and deserves to have you give her as much attention and enthusiasm as you have given racing for all these years. Enjoy your golden years with all your body parts still working, and give her a break for a change.
  6. GEEXRMAN would be a good vanity plate for you my friend. enjoy the life you have, and stop risking it with abandon. You are lucky you only got dinged up, and not broken.

Good Day ignoramus9
My wife and I enjoyed your reply. I know it is time to slow down a little, but it is hard to do. Nancee and I talked some more about this today we have a new plan which still means a Boxster in the garage. I will still give up the race care. I have a line on a young guy that wants to race. Nancee points out that I can go work for him at the track and get my racing fix with crewing.
Thanks again boyracer AKA Paul.
I like the idea for the tag!!

Could you keep your B210 and put a younger driver in it? Would you still qualify for the Boxter? That way you would be crew chief and team owner.

Not I have to get rid of the Datsun. Nancee has suggested that I keep up with racing by crewing for someone. If I sell the car I hope it stays close to me and then I can work as crew on my own car. Nancee wants all the parts out of the garage.

In that case, hold out for the Boxter S or a Cayman/Cayman S. :wink:

Nancee, you are NOT being unreasonable.
Paul, it’s time to hang up the harness. Unless I miss my guess, this lady is one worth growing old with. Hang up the keys to the Datsun and do so. Keep your mind actve by building a hot rod. A nice Phaeton with 4-wheel independent suspension and a nice Ford small block would be great. Powder blue with a dark blue shading.

Don’t be foolish. You’re beyond your prime and you have you wife to consider. She has a right to expect good twilight years too. If you get seriously injured, she too will suffer.