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2013 Porsche Boxster - What's next

Greetings – Though I really enjoy driving my 2013 Boxster S (my third in the past 15 years), at 73 years of age I’m thinking that it might be time to become a bit more practical. A backseat (to help with transporting grandkids) and a little easier entry/exit are beginning to make sense. Though I wouldn’t mind sticking with Porsche, the Macan is somewhat larger than I want and that really isn’t a backseat in the 911! So I’m wondering what your assessment of certain crossovers might be. I also should add that it turns out that I seem to have a bit of a bias … having only driven German cars since 1970 … so I am looking at the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and MB GLA 250. Grudgingly, I’m OK with giving up my 6 speed manual but would still like some level of performance (power/maneuverability). Oh wise one, what is your advice?

Wrestling with Reality

Why sell the Boxster ? Keep it and find a nice four door sedan used just for those times you need it. And you don’t need a lot of power when you are transporting grandkids anyway.

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I think you might like the BMW X2. Beware the first-gen X1s. Too many issues and the seating and steering were substandard. If you can get past the German bias consider a Hyundai Elantra GT N-Line. You can get a six-speed manual or a DSG. I tested the Elantra GT back to back with the X2 and liked the Hyundai more. About 28K new with every option. I have driven the GLA 250 and the Q3 and give both a thumbs down. All of these cars you list are not really up to the brands’ standards. Here’s a real surprise: The Kia Niro EV is more fun than any of them. It is a lot like the Elantra GT, but electric.

What about a used Panamera? You should find a base 2017 RWD in clean condition with about 30,000 miles for about $58,000. That’s without options. Adding options will jump the price dramatically, as you know. The $58K gives you a base price to work from.

The Macan is only a little bigger than the Q3, at least give it a test drive. That would be my choice.

The Mazda CX-5 with the turbo engine is shorter than the Macan, great performance and handling. That would be my second choice.

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