Door won’t close

2005 Buick LaCrosse CXL

Off and on issues with the passenger side door not always closing on the first try. No big deal, until yesterday. The door latch was stuck in the closed position so I flipped it to open however it’s now stuck in that position and won’t allow me to shut the door all the way. It won’t go to a closed position unless I hold it which is pointless cuz it goes right back.

I’ve tried lock de-icer, WD40, locking/unlocking with fob and lock buttons, heated garage, jiggling the door and handles, etc.


Vehicle Door Actuator Quick Fix (07 LaCrosse) (

Replace the door latch, it has likely suffered damage from attempting to close the door while latched.

In my admittedly limited experience that’s unlikely unless the OP really slammed the door. Not dismissing the possibility completely but I’d try weekend-warrior’s solution first.