Door rattle

2001 chev s-10 pick up with 3rd door.
driver’s side door[s] rattle over bumps and whatnot, the doors seem to work perfect and higes are tight,the door alignment is good, and its not a door pannel or loose item…its the door[s]. what is the tip/trick for this?

I have a Ranger with small rear doors. The passenger side will rattle if the rear door isn’t closed tightly. It looks perfect when this happens, but the top latch isn’t fully closed.

I find closing the rear door firmly works. Eventually I suppose the latch may need to be adjusted.

You might also have to remove the inner door panel and see if there’s anything in the cavity. Perhaps one of the assembly people dropped his gold Rolex in there.

i saw on a s-10 forum, that putting electrical tape on the pin of the latch on the jam firms it up and it gos away…im positive its not something loose inside the door.

Make sure both latches on the small door are latched. Sometimes one does not.

Also check the rubber gaskets. They may have become compressed over time, which is causing a little give between the door and where it is supposed to seat. Just enough to cause a rattle.

Sometimes the screws and bolts for the hinges or the latch will come loose. Check those too. On one car I had this problem, but I couldn’t see anything wrong. Gravity had probably just caused the door to sag a little. I was able to fix it by repositioning the latch a bit.

George_San_Jose…Gravity had probably just caused the door to sag a little.

Gravity will not do this but worn hinge pins and bushings will cause a door to sag.