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Door Mirror for 2000 MB C280

Love my car, only 117,000 miles runs smooth, loved by many mechanics but feels like a money pit just because of age. This is the second time my driver side mirror got broken in parking lot, intentionally or not, I don’t know. the 2000 C280’s side mirrors do not bend like these days, no springs. Once bend/pushed hard the plastic piece inside broke and mirror is now loose inside the housing. Does anyone know how to look for the model number to look for a replacement? is it 210 810 65 16? Where can I find a reliable used one? dealer quoted me $650 and that was 3 years ago. Thanks.

If you have full coverage insurance call your carrier. You may be able to pay the deductible and use the collision part.

Well that (age) and it’s a Mercedes-Benz…I don’t see the entire mirror assembly listed on Rock Auto…I would call the dealership, ask for the part number, then look around and see if it’s available.

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with $500 deductible, LOL, not much saving there.

Just to throw something out - on another forum I read where a person made a metal piece to fit the door and attached a non power adjustable mirror to both sides . They lost the turn lights but the whole thing was less that 100.00 dollars.

If this was the same parking lot maybe parking as far away from the front area as you can.

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Try It is a nation wide salvage yard search tool. It looks like there are several available used. The prices shown are usually higher than what the actual yard will sell it to you after you contact them.


Thank you, I will try that.