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Door locks

Recently I have been having trouble unlocking the lift back door on my 2002 Ford Escape. I will press the door unlock button and the four passenger doors will unlock but the back lift gate door will remain locked. After I wait for an hour or more and I press the door unlock button on it will then click and I can once again open the rear compartment. What causes this? Can it be fixed?

Lubricate the trunk lock mechanism and see if that helps. You will need to set and unlock it a few times to get the lubricant into the mechanism. This can be done with the trunk open. Just push on the mechanism to simulate locking, then unlock it with the key fob. This is an inexpensive fix if it works.

On most cars you have to push the button on the remote twice to get the hatch to unlock.

2010 KIA Forte SX. I have to hold the trunk unlock down for 5 seconds. There is no key lock only a lever in the passenger compartment. There is no passenger door key lock. The glove box and console compartments have no locks. What is this aversion to keys?