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Door Locks

Two questions:

Can the key lock button wear out? I have replaced the batteries but sometimes I have to try several times to get the doors to unlock with the button. The Mercedes dealer said I may have to replace the entire it. By the way, pointing the key toward the roof of you mouth does work. I heard that on car talk.

Also, does it damage the automatic door locks if you lock or unlock them manually?

Yes…the key fob can wear out and they do quite frequently. No…locking the door manually will not hurt automatic door locks. You would not be able too if it did.

Thank you for your response.

If you haven’t used the key much until now, the mechanism may be a little hard to turn. If that happens, make sure you use a lock lubricant (like powdered or liquid graphite) and not WD-40, which can gum up the lock over time.