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Door lock noise while switching gear

I have Camry 2009 LE, 73500 miles. I did not do its Major service at 60,000 miles, but did normal service. It is running perfectly fine but just one concern. When I switch gear, door lock makes lot of noise. If I move gear from D to P or P to D, door locks make big noise. Is is something with gear box or just door locks ?
If I get it repaired, will it cost big ? Any idea ?

This sounds normal to me. With my '09 Pontiac G6 the automatic door locks activate when I put it in drive. Haven’t you heard this all along?

I have an 09 Camry and the doors lock when shift is moved out of park and unlock when put in park.

Sorry, if I was not enough clear in explaining it. I understand that it is normal to get door locked while switching gears. But my concern is, it makes more noise in comparison to other (older) cars. It was normal for me till my other friends sat with me in car and they said, why your locks make so big noise while switching gear. Infact it was more noise than their 98 Accord.

In your original post you asked if it was “something with gear box”. I can say with certainty that the answer is no. It’s probably just a variation from one car make to another in the door lock mechanism.

If they all seem to sound just as loud and one door lock is not noticeably louder than the others I’d think it’s normal. If one lock is particularly loud then you may have something that is loose inside that door that makes it so loud.

Next time a rider mentions it just tell them…“I got these new locks from a prison that they were tearing down…you like them?”


Lock and unlock the doors with the button on the driver’s armrest while the car is in park. I’ll bet you will hear the same noise.

OP, you mentioned taking them in for repair. Is the noise louder than they used to be? Are thry not working correctly?

Friends are like that. Their stuff is perfect and yours can’t be anywhere near as normal as theirs.

Yes, if I unlock door lock with button instead of switching gear is producing same noise. May be its normal and I am unnecessary concerned :slight_smile:

Your fine

Yes, you’re fine–for the time being.

I think that the OP should be much more concerned about the consequences of skipping the major service at 60k miles, rather than a perception that his door locks may be more noisy than they were previously. To me, this is like somebody who worries about a hang-nail, but who avoids an annual flu shot, and who hasn’t had a thorough physical exam for several years.