Door & Dome lites

2010 Mazda6 door lites sometimes stays on after door is closed. Have to press the lock button to shut them off. Other times while parked in garage they go on, also even sitting at a red lite. Can anyone offer any advice> Thanks.

Get your door jab switch repaired. That is telling the body control computer the door is still open.

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Is there a switch in the door jamb? It would be covered with a rubber boot. That switch is bad - or body damage has caused the door not to close all the way.

I had it checked. The door switch is integral to the door latch as it is a whole assembly and not just a switch. Part rather expensive to fix plus the labor. So I had the bottom lamp on each of the front doors taken out so if the switch became activated there would be no draw on the battery. So as far as I am concerned, problem solved.

That may not solve all your problem. It may create another one. Most cars have a “sleep” mode that tells the various computers to draw a very low current 10 to 30 seconds after you leave the car and shut all the doors. Since you are not driving nor getting ready to drive, the current drops to a low level so the battery won’t be run down. If that switch is still bad, and making contact, the lights are off but the car’s computers think you have the door open and they will be awake and drawing more current getting ready for you to start the car.

You may find you can’t park the car for more than 2 days before it won’t start. And then you’ll be back here asking why the battery keeps running down.

You’d be better off to disconnect the wires going to that integral switch. The verification of the solution is to replace the door lights you removed and watch them go out or not turn on at all.

Not sure on what you say. My mechanic seemed ok on removing the lamps. As a precaution, I use the remote lock when parked as so I hear the locks engage. Doing that always shut off the lites.

Because it was easier to pull the bulbs than jamming his hand inside the door to unhook the switch.

Maybe this will help you understand. Your laptop computer has a “sleep” mode that turns off the screen and shuts down the hard drive to save battery power. When you open the laptop, it triggers a switch to wake it up but it takes a few moments to turn the screen and the hard drive back on so you can use your computer. The car does the same thing with its computers.