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Don't Want to Die

I drive a 2002 Hyundai Accent with a Manual Transmission. Occasionally when I depress the clutch the RPM’s shoot up, generally to around 1500 but can go up to around 3000. My engine continues to rev until I disengage the clutch and begin to accelerate. What could be causing this?

Are you getting a Check Engine Light? The OBD system could probably point you in the right direction for diagnosing this.

Nope, i’m afraid i am not.

What makes you think this could cause you death? or is your title just your “thought of the day”?

“Thought of the Day” more or less. Though it does feel like my engine is out of control when it happens.

Start with the basics, like is your throttle return working, is the throttle cable kinked/frayed, is there any binding in the throttle linkages, etc.

Barring a mechanical cause, you’re looking at digging through the engine management system, a number of sensors (throttle position and cam position sensors come to mind), and possibly issues with the throttle body, injectors, etc. This is where some good electronic data comes in handy.

I’d check with your local Hyundai dealership’s service department, or a well-equipped and reputable independent mechanic, and see if they can’t get into the OBD database and look for impending failure codes or other indicators.