Doggone Chrysler

I own a 2006 Chrysler Sebring touring sedan. It recently took a crap on me. I think it’s the starter. Can anybody tell me HOW TO FIND THE CONSARNED STARTER?

It looks like it is down below the yellow dipstick.

Remove the plastic shield below the engine and look up and you’ll see the starter.


By following the large wire tied to the positive battery post it will lead you to the starter. You should be able to see it pretty easily from the underside of the car.

On my Corolla, you can’t really see the starter from the top. Not w/out removing a bunch of other stuff anyway. But it is fairly easy to see from underneath. As mentioned above, it will have a very thick wire from the battery connected to it. Sometimes it isn’t possible to follow the wire to the starter from the battery though, as the wires tends to go into various hidden bundles. If the wire trick doesn’t work, one thing for certain, the starter is located at the junction of the engine and transmission. It turns the flywheel, and that’s where the flywheel is. You could use the Rock Auto website to see a photo of one, that might help you find it. Best of luck.