Dog odor in car

I was listening to a show when a caller had the same problem. All that I heard was use coffee beans in a pot. Do you heat them odor you open a fresh bag of beans? I would like to get more info about how to do this. I have shampooed using pet odor remover with no success.

Just open a new can of ground coffee, set it in the vehicle for 24 hours with the doors/windows closed.


Thanks I will give it a try. Is this ground coffee or coffee beans?

Thanks I will give it a try.

Try several of these in the car:

ARM & HAMMER? Fridge Fresh? Refrigerator Air Filter


Fill A Tub With Hot Water, Grind The Beans, And Throw Them In. Next, Throw In The Dog And Let It Soak.

Good luck if you’re not the one who had the dog. I had a real estate license at one time and there was nothing worse than going to a new listing for a tour to find that the house smelled like pooch. Usually the pooch owner never smelled anything.

You can try professional pilots’ favorite. They need quick relief when somebody becomes upset (not mentally, the other kind) in their airplane. They use Ozium, otherwise they’d be grounded. It’s sold at many airports, but a couple years ago I bought some at an Advance Auto parts store.

The can is tiny, but doesn’t need to be large. It doesn’t take much. The can measures out precise little spritzes when you push the button. Follw the directions on the back.