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Up in Smoke

Aaron is a secret smoker. Problem is, his parents are coming to visit him at college. How can he get the cigarette odor out of his Range Rover before they discover his stinky habit?

Hear the call, right here.

My dog’s veterinarian says that she knows of dogs who have been seriously sickened and one who died when Fabreez was sprayed on their beds or in their living areas. She cautioned me when I wanted to use Fabreez in the air after a smoker left a room.

The ground coffee idea is probably much safer to remove odors.

He cannot. That odor will take years to disspate no matter what he does. A nonsmokers can and will smell it. Even detailers have no magic tricks to get rid of it.

Sorry. You may get a lot of ideas here and elsewhere, and you can try them, but if there’s nonsmokers they’ll smell it.

Interestingly, since you’re used to the smell you may even get it to a level wherein you can’t smell it, but they still will.

When you open my guitar case TODAY, you will smell the smokey bars I used to play in…9 years ago ! ( & I don’t smoke ) I have not attempted to clean that,

Try everything. Maybe the addition of all those new aromas will belie the existance of cig smoke. Don’t foget the headliner.

A key to odor abatement is to REMOVE all that’s possible before adding cover-ups.

A carpet cleaning machine is the best method for that with hot water and lots of smelly soap injected into, then sucked back out of the soft materials is the only way to attempt to remove the odor causing molecules.

After that, use the car scent, air freshener, or fabreeze.

Smoke some illegal skunk weed in the Range Rover,no way will they smell those evil cigarettes,would it be easier to explain weed? perhaps get a perscription,make it all legal,perhaps Mom and Dad indulge,bring the family together that sort of thing.

Really he is stuck with the cig. smell. Didn’t he learn anything at college?

Got a flash,sell the Range Rover,Dad will be impressed with his automotive knowledge,they are real junk.

My fist suggestion for Aaron is to grow up. If you want to smoke, it is time for you to do so. Frankly I believe it is totally foolish, bad for your health and expensive, but it is your money and your life.

My advice to his parents, It’s too late to force him to change. Love him gently encourage him to stop, but leave it there and move on to something else, like aunt Jane’s gout.

To reduce the odor find someone who has an industrial type ozone generator. A auto detailer may have one and they can also clean much of the stuff out of the car. The other likely source of an industrial ozone generator are the ServePro type outfits that go into homes and cars after fire/flood etc.

Pilots Know That Ozium Spray Is Strong Enough To Handle “Unusual” Odors.

Motion sickness requires a treatment that goes well beyond a little smoke smell. A couple of spritzes and you’re good to go. If you can’t find Ozium at your local auto parts, try your local airport.


P.S. Link to see the product:

Rumor has it that Consumer Reports recommends a bag of charcoal be slit and opened up for a few days because it will absorb odors. Feel free to use a bucket.

I agree with CSA.

Ozium is also the air treatment of choice in mortuaries and morgues.
If it can cover up the smell of death, it can probably handle mere cigarette smoke.

On a different note, however, Aaron has to give some thought to the issues of honesty, adulthood, and health. If he believes that there is nothing wrong with cigarette smoking (despite decades of research and statistics to the contrary), then he should not try to hide this habit from his parents. If he honestly believes that there is nothing wrong with this habit, he should act like an adult, and stop trying to conceal it from his parents.

Ozium - It’s sort of pricey but it works…it’s an air sanitizer. I beieve you could find it at Walmart but try Advance Auto or places like that, too. Good luck!

She knows of it personally, or has ‘heard’ about it? The Febreze pet problem is called an urban myth here:

And Febreze is approved by the SPCA.

I agree. Ozium is a great odor neutralizer, although it won’t remove the smell from the upholstery. Just be careful not to breathe the stuff. Spray it in a closed car, close it, and let it simmer. Then repeat a couple times and hope for the best, but air it out before you get in.

I will respectfully disagree with VDCdriver. If Aaron wants to smoke, he is going to smoke, and he might only be trying to spare his parents from worrying about it. He is an adult now, and can choose for himself what he does and doesn’t want to tell his parents.

If his parents are paying for his smokes, that is another story. He should only choose bad habits he can afford on his own. If the car belongs to his parents, he should simply not smoke in it.

Pricey? I Respectfully Disagree. The Container “Meters Out” Economical Little Spritzes And It’s So Powerful, You Don’t Need More Than A Spritz Or Two.