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Does your car turn over in the morning?

Anyone who has driven on US Route 1 in Central NJ over the past 40 years will probably remember seeing the sign and the overturned car. The only thing that has changed over the years is the car itself. As the older ones dissolved into the ground, newer “beaters” were pressed into service.

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There’s a car on a tall set of posts in Goleta, CA. It is two front ends welded together. I’m not sure if it’s still there (been a while). You could see it on the last road to the Santa Barbara airport.

Just a few miles down the road from me…



At a show recently I saw a vehicle made of two pickup cabs mated together, each headed the opposite way. I actually saw it drive with a driver behind each steering wheel. The rear headlights had been converted to brakelights/taillights, but other than that both ends were the same.

For many years in south OK City a used car lot had on display what they called the “Wrong Way Chevrolet”.

It was two 1956 Chevy front ends mated together., It was two-tone black and yellow and the car would actually run and move in either direction.

Sounds like it would be easy to park … lol …

I’ve seen that truck a couple times in Tewksbury MA.

‘Candid Camera’ made a car that split in half

There’s a street-view of our weird one. It’s not a salvage yard - it’s a landscape supply company in Minneapolis. The girl-mannequin riding in it changes clothes from time to time. She’s usually wearing a fur coat in the winter, and a bikini in the summer.

Or your pickup truck:

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