Does towing 2016 Jeep Cherokee drain the battery?

I have never been more disappointed in a car than I am with my 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited. I bought it after researching very carefully for a towable car to tow behind our Class A motorhome. We had the death wobble issue and was told we’d have to pay. Luckily after much more research I found a recall order that stated Jeep would pay. Now after towing the car for less than a year it has started to completely drain the battery-even after only an hour of towing! This was supposed to be the most easily towed car of them all and it’s turned into one big pain in the neck.

Here is recall info for others:

or active in the orc module:~ dtc: b223

Subject: accessory kit to enhance flat tow performance symptom/ condition: the customer may describe that their vehicle shakes or bounces while being flat towed.

What is the battery’s state of charge before towing and one hour later?

Do you have a question we can help you with or are you just venting about the car?

I guess I didn’t formulate the question did I!! Yes, what can cause the battery to die in less than an hour of towing? After we jump the jeep it works just fine, after towing it’s dead.


That recall refers to the occupant restraint controller (ORC) - or airbag controller. Not sure why that has anything to do with the problem…

OK, does the Jeep have a device to apply the brakes when the RV applies theirs? I assume it does. The device must get power from somewhere - the Jeep itself? Or the RV? I’d look into that. Check the amount of current the device draws from the Jeep and compare to what its manufacturer says it should draw. Also, check to see that the brake lights are not on all the time.

Also does the Jeep’s key need to be in to flat-tow it? I assume it does to keep the front wheels unlocked. Possibly something is running while that key is on that should not be. Maybe the ORC is on because it detects a passenger in the seat. If the brake device is resting on the seat with the key on, that may be causing your drain.

If all that looks OK, have the dealer (under warranty, right?) check for a parasitic current draw from something in the Jeep…

As for the death wobble, try having the Jeep’s alignment set to the greatest amount of toe-in recommended by Jeep. It should help, if not completely cure it. The tires will wear a little bit faster but that is better than a death wobble.

Thank you, taking to jeep dealer.