2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee cuts off and restarts later

cuts off and restarts sometime later

Seems like a common problem. My answer for this is the same as for the 2002

Follow-up question: The mechanic cleaned and tightened the battery cables, which didn’t solve the problem. When I left for the season, I put a Battery Tender trickle charge on the battery but removed it when the status light started flashing. Another Car Talk post mentioned a battery issue caused a Mustang to stall out. Could the problem be with my 4-year old Interstate battery?

Yes, or its connections. I think you’re right to focus on the battery. Start by making sure connections are clean and snug.

What does it mean when the trickle charger’s status light flashes?

What is the voltage of the battery, car off and also car running? Can you remove the caps and see the level of battery acid in each cell? If any are low, add water and run the engine or charger for a while to mix the water and acid. Then can you measure the specific gravity of every cell? There may be a bad one or two that do not take or hold a charge. Check battery voltage again, car off and car running.

Thanks. The mechanic cleaned the terminals and tightened the battery connections. I’ve asked the Battery Tender people what the flashing light means, but haven’t heard back from them. I can’t recall if the battery allows access to the cells (the car’s in one state and I’m in another). All good suggestions I’ll (unfortunately) have to wait to check out. Again, thank you!

Are you under the impression that cells can be replaced or repaired ? The battery is 4 years old and it can be checked or just replace it and that will solve or eliminate the problem.

Not replaced or repaired, just whether or not the electrolyte is low in any of the cells. At 4 years old, the battery is pretty close to needing replacement if it’s not already there. Might be a good idea (low cost idea) to install a new one and see if that cures the problem.

From Battery Tender: “If the red light continues to flash, then the battery charge is too low (less than 3 volts) or the output clips or ring terminals are not connected [to the battery] correctly.” I’m certain I had it hooked up correctly, but will try again when I return. If the flashing happens again, I check the battery’s charge. Thanks, all, for the advice.

Thank you. I’m beginning to think that might solve the problem.