2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - AC and battery mystery

Problems started when the AC would stop blowing. The AC motor runs but no cold air comes out of any of the vents (floor, dash, etc). Then an hour later it would start working again.

A few days later, the car would not start. Could not even jump start it. My repair guys said battery drain probably caused the AC to malfunction. We replaced the battery but the AC started doing the same thing. Just a day or so later battery died again.

I have taken it to a Jeep dealer now and they also called this a “head scratcher.” Waiting on diagnosis but was curious if anyone else had the same issue? 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Thanks in advance for any input.

My first thought is what’s called a “parasitic draw,” where something is drawing current from the battery even when the vehicle is shut off. My second is to ask if any of these guys tested the alternator while they were standing around scratching their heads.

I have lost count of how many posts we’ve had from Jeep owners telling us their dealers have no clue how to fix their car’s problems. That is a hint, my friend, a big hint…


Lemme gues, buy Ford’s from now on? Let’s see what the new bronco looks like… You may be right

So your Grand Cherokee is still parked at the dealer with a dead battery? How many days?

Yes i just dropped it off yesterday. I had it at an independant repair shop for a week and they could not figure out where the draw was coming from. Before the battery started dying the AC was intermittently not blowing. The motor would stay on but no cold air would come out of any of the vents. I am just hoping it is a relatively easy fix. Really worried about the cost.

You might be another victim of a faulty TIPM.


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The trouble you are having may be due to a problem with the blower speed control module. You may have a solid state unit. It may have failed in a way that allows a current drain through the motor. The module is close to the blower under the dash, mounted on the ducting for cooling. If you disconnect it and find the current draw on the battery goes away then you found the problem to both issues. The modules usually short or open when they fail. If they short then full power is applied to the blower motor at all times. Even when the ignition is OFF. The module is in series with the power line.


The blower control module seems like the likely culprit, hopefully they will get the opportunity to inspect your vehicle Tuesday if they are not back logged with recalls for vehicles 25+ years old, forced upon them by NHTSA for vehicles manufactured by Chrysler Corporation, a company that has been bought out three times (Daimler Chrysler, Chrysler LLC, FCA).


Thank you… yes i am beginning to get the sense that car experts are not too fond of Jeep’s reliability ratings.

It’s not just the reliability aspect

They are a LOSER company, in my opinion

It seems like just about everybody has bought Chrysler and dropped them like a hot potato. It almost seems as if Chrysler is somehow dirty.

They definitely can’t survive on their own. For years, they were always the weakest of the “big three” . . . then they sunk even lower :frowning_face:

It’s a known fact that they have been bought, solely because of the value, name recognition, etc. of the Jeep brand.

Plus, they’ve had so many vehicles which were absolutely NONcompetitive, in my opinion