Does this gas additive formula work and safe to use?



friend of mine has been making this gas additive and getting 7-9 mpg incresae in gas mileage in his 2004 honda, his 99 ford pickup, andd his 75 vw van

1 part synthetic motor oil

2 parts xylene

4 parts acetone

add 3 ozs. of mixxture to 10 gals reg gas

would it damage my 1989 4 runner’s 6 cyl engine


There are so many variables that affect gas mileage. Are you really that desperate to improve your gas mileage? Think of the average cost of adding these additives that are already added to te gas when you buy it from the station. If you really want to improve your gas mileage look into your driving habits because even the most perfect driver can make changes to improve mileage.
This all sounds so very much like Clinton-politics: someone, somewhere is always going to find out how to make a buck off of someone elses dilema when they are in a (Near) panic state of mind, and that is really an inconvenient truth. Trust me, we’v all seen it for years, the price of gas is going to go back to normal right after this peak season. All you can do for now is just adjust your driving habits and make sure you are getting all the gas you are paying for at the pump.


This will not help your car at all. Xylene is an industrial solvent, I have never heard of anyone running it in their car, but I do think that it is an additive in aviation fuel. Acitone is also a solvent. While I would normally say that they are in small enough quantities to most likely not damage your engine, but you are running about a 20 year old vehicle and it may further damage parts that are already worn, especially the fuel lines.

What will help your fuel mileage; properly inflated tires, a well running and well maintained vehicle, and not being heavy on the gas and brakes.


Three ounces of anything organic added to 10 gals of gasoline will not hurt your engine.

All of the ingredients in the recipe are organic and should burn nicely. But don’t expect an increase in gas mileage. I seriously doubt your friend’s claims are valid, even though he himself seems convinced. So go ahead and try some. I’m guessing you will see no effect, neither good nor bad.


Sorry, but your friend is not getting a 7-9 MPG increase in fuel mileage due to this concoction no matter what he claims.

In the meantime your friend should consider what is happening to the catalytic converters when being fed a steady diet of motor oil.


It is not likely to hurt the engine, but it is not going to help anything either. Modern fuels have all the additives they need. It is not going to produce any real mileage increase.

What will produce an increase is driving very conservatively. Slow acceleration, staying at or below the speed limit etc. will produce a real increased mileage. Chances are your friend may have changed his driving habits without even thinking about it. It is part of the placebo effect.


Agreed, he’s NOT getting that big a mileage increase…I’d be surprised if he got ANY increase. If he getting differences, he’s driving differently.