Does my 2011 Chevy have an easy fix?

Hi guys … I have a 2011 Chevy Malibu that has a slight jerk going into second gear … every other gear is fine … do you think I just have to replace the solonoids I have 169k miles on it … thanks for any help

Check the automatic transmission fluid if you haven’t done so.Take the dipstick out and smell it.Does it smell like burnt toast? If so,get the transmission fluid and filter replaced ASAP.

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I have a sealed transmission and the fluid has been replaced

So it isn’t “sealed” if you had the fluid changed now is it? Usually it means you don’t have a dipstick.

When the fluid was changed, was the fluid burnt? Was there trash in the fluid? Trash in the fluid might be making the solenoids sticky. It also says the trans is getting worn out. Another fluid and filter change might solve the sticky 2nd gear all by itself.

If the pan was dropped to drain them oil and change the filter the last time, about half the old fluid was still in the torque convertor. Not sure the cost of changing the solenoids, but doing both might solve it.

I dont know man…im just telling you what I was told buy a local mechanic… I’m not a car guy… yes I was told that it smelled burnt

Thanks for the information

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how long ago was the fluid replaced?

Friday morning… and I dont think it was flushed at all… it was empty and he filled it with 3 quarts

it was empty? He just added 3 quarts?
and now it slams a bit going into second? Sounds like you are lucky it is moving at all.

My question still stands, although slightly modified- when was the fluid last replaced?

I have never had it replaced tbh… I’ve had the car for 2 years

do you have a transmission dipstick under your hood?

No I do not have a dipstick for the transmission fluid

You should get some more info/clarification from your mechanic. Was the transmission actually 3 quarts low? That doesn’t just happen on its own…or did he simply replace 3 quarts of fluid that was drained out? What transmission fluid was used…was it the stuff specified by GM, or generic/aftermarket fluid?

What prompted you to get the fluid changed in the first place? Was it this jerking issue? If so, did you mention it to the mechanic?

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That sounds more like a valve body, clutch, or band problem than a faulty solenoid. Before replacing parts have the problem properly diagnosed by a well recommended transmission shop. Ask your usual mechanic which is the best transmission shop in town, the one they’d take their own car if it had a transmission problem. Making parts replacement guesses can be very expensive as it is easy to run out of money before you run out of guesses. About the best you can do besides getting a pro-diagnostic is to make sure the transmission fluid is at the proper level and in new-like condition. If you do that and it helps but doesn’t fix the problems entirely, might want to drive a few hundred miles and do it again. Best of luck.

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