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Still shifting hard

I recently replace my catalytic converter with a MagnaFlow direct fit, thinking it may have been clogged. This did not solve my problem. The car only jerks after it has been driven more than 30 minutes. It usually starts jerking once I get back into town (stop and go traffic). I have replace a handful of sensors. I plan on replacing the transmission control solenoid. How many do I need? Where is the TCS located? Thanks!

2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 3.8 6cyl. 98k mi.

Do you have any codes?

When was the last time you replaced the spark plugs?

I had a 2002 Malibu that used to do a similar “jerking” movement. At first I was convinced the transmission was about to go. Turns out it was the spark plugs I’d recently installed (Bosch). I had a set of OEM plugs put in; problem solved.

Good luck.

No codes or lights. Replaced plugs and wires last year. May try replacing plugs.

Make sure to try the OEM/GM spark plugs. That did the trick with my Malibu, and the service guy told me they’d had “problems” with the Bosch plugs. Make of that what you will, but it worked for me.

Explain jerking. Or describe the problem better. Is it an issue where the trans shifts hard between gears? The 4t65e trans is known for bad pcs or pressure control solenoid. That causes a noticeable shift from 2-3. It is under side cover. Hard to reach. The shift solenoids are also behind side cover.

Make sure to try the OEM/GM spark plugs. That did the trick with my Malibu, and the service guy told me they'd had "problems" with the Bosch plugs.

Stick with OEM plugs no matter what manufacturer. Although you do NOT have to buy GM plugs. AC/Delco is the OEM supplier for GM. Buy AC/Delco plugs at your local parts store for about half the price of the dealer. They will be the EXACT SAME PLUG…only cheaper.

I just replaced the spark plugs and wires a few days ago. This did not solve my problem.

The jerking/lurching occurs once the car has been running for awhile and warmed up. Usually on the highway it is fine. Once on city streets (stop and go) the car jerks when accelerating. Once it starts jerking it will jerk on the highway also.

I have looked into the pressure control solenoid. Where is it located exactly. Does anything need to be removed to reach it? How many are there?