Does it matter that the battery I bought is the wrong one?

RH-POS? I thought that was a blood group.

RESOLUTION - When i got home yesterday, the first thing i checked was the date: March 2008. i pulled it out and returned it to Costco, then i got a new one at walmart. i cleaned up the connectors with baking soda, hooked it up and the truck is working fine, as always. i appreciate everyone’s input. The 35 may have worked fine, but $25 bucks is a small price for piece of mind. Now i just wish the truck wasnt purple (metallic blue).

My 1997 Tacoma (4wd, 4cyl, 2.7L) was in for inspection and the battery failed

Is this a state safety inspection??? What state does a battery check for a state inspection?? First I heard of that one.