Does anyone know how much this mite cost?

It is a 1995 oldsmobile aurora with a 4.0 liter motortha thas 117000 miles on the car.There are a few things it still needs, needs a motor mount…causing it to vibrate while driving on the road… has a oil leak…comming from a oil cooler line…and needs to have an alignment.

Nobody is going to be able to give you a good estimate over the internet. All if these things could upon looking over require additional work that we cannot see frome here…and shop rates vary.

Besides, if you do actually have an oil cooler on that vehicle I’ll be surprised. I’m guessing it’s something else like a tranny cooler line.

Be prepare for the results of that motor mount repair to be less than desired. Is the defect allowing metal to metal contact? if yes I could understand the vibration aspect of the complaint.

Get 3 or more estimates from mechanics that you or your friends and neighbors trust.

make sure its motor mounts, and not tranny mounts. same symptoms, but often over looked.

My standard rate for all that comes up to $800 or less.