Does anyone here know Boxsters? I don't

I have been offered an '01 Porsche Boxster S that has a definite smoking problem. The price is low enough that I could put a used engine into it and still own it cheap. I have never seen so much oil smoke from an exhaust. When I test drove it the other day, cars behind me were stopping to wait for the smoke to clear so they could see the roadway, especially after slowing down and then accelerating after a turn. It is definitely NOT steam like from a head gasket. It is oil smoke.

Is there a good, hopefully cheap, reason for a Boxster engine to smoke this much? There is no blowby visible when I remove the oil filler cap. There is no miss or hesitation in the engine. It runs very well, does not run hot, no bubbles in the coolant. I was not given an opportunity to do a compression test. Even that looks daunting considering that you have to remove panels from behind the seat just to ACCESS the mid engine.

I’m not especially familiar with Boxsters, but the only times I’ve ever seen a car smoke as dramatically as you describe it wasn’t engine oil at all, but transmission fluid. Failed automatic transmission vacuum modulators allowed great quantities of transmision fluid into the intake manifold, with the resulting great smoke screen.

If it’s got one, check for fluid in the vacuum modulator’s vacuum line.

You need a GOOD Porsche mechanic to look at this. There is no such thing as a bargain Porsche.

Like I said, I don’t know Boxsters either, but few if any modern automatics still use a vacuum modulator. AFAIK they are all computer “driven” these days.

If I recall correctly, the Air/Oil Separator on these cars has been problematic.
This is certainly no guarantee of a fix, but if you check the AOS, you may find that it is no longer operating properly.

I’ve seen a car smoke like that before. Replacing the PCV valve cleared the problem.

Try a Boxter forum. I seem to recall that Porsche had to replace a whole lot of engines under warranty about that time.

And, as Texases said, have it looked at by a Porsche guy and also realize that these cars are not for someone on a budget.

Cougar–As I learned a few months ago, Porsches use a device known as an Air/Oil Separator instead of a conventional PCV valve. So, both of our theories have some merit, although the OP needs to look for the AOS, rather than a PCV valve.

How good of a deal? How cheap? How much lower than an '01 with a good motor? I’ll bet the present owner thought this through. You had better think it through as well. Rocketman

#3500 for the car + $4000 for a good used engine = $7500. “Book” retail on the car with its miles is $15000. I’d say that’s about half price. I can do the swap if need be.

The AOS sounds like a good place to start.

The present owner is a dealer who doesn’t have a mechanic on retainer. He claims to have over $8000 in it. I suspect it’s true. His loss, my gain, maybe.

I have posted my question on a couple of Boxster forums, but it appears as though most Boxster owners are not the sort who can answer mechanical questions. Their idea of fixing a car is having it towed to Fritz’s.

Does anyone here have access to Porsche TSBs? I don’t, and Fritz is very non-committal.

Boy . . . I sure would be tempted! Don’t ask me, I’d buy it and I have to crawl through my garage as it is . . . more toys and projects than time and space! Rocketman

Where are you MG? I have a VW-Porsche mechanic friend. Rocketman

100% correct VDC, and if that AOS fails badly it sucks oil straight out of the oilpan and passes it into the air intake system - this might just be a shot AOS.

A good indicator is to try removing the oil filler cap while the engine is running, if it’s difficult to turn due to crankcase vacuum it’s the AOS.

VDCdriver nailed it. Disconnecting the vacuum line from the AOS cleared it right up. Ran it for five minutes with no smoke. Monday I`ll buy the car and
call the call the dealer for a new AOS.


Fantastic! Good for you MG! Good luck with it. Rocketman

$3500 for the car plus parts, what a steal. I’ll buy it from ya if it doesn’t work out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the notice VDCdriver. I wasn’t aware of that. Good call on the trouble.