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Workshop manual for Porsche Boxster and oil changes

I have a 2006 Porsche Boxster. I would like to do my own oil changes after the warranty expires. This shouldn’t be rocket science, should it? I mean, are there special tools I would need to change the oil on this car? One of the problems I have is that I can’t get a workshop repair manual or maintenance manual. Do you know where I can get information on changing the oil and doing other minor maintenance procedures on this car? Thanks for your help.

Use your most valuable tool, the internet. Tons of info out there, especially at a Porsche Boxter owners forum. Also try you local library. Buy an owner’s repair manual though, search online.

Apply protective covers to vehicle and in luggage compartment.
Open cap in the service tray in luggage compartment.
Jack up the vehicle at the take-up points provided. Information:
To fill in the correct quantity of oil after draining the old oil, allow a dripping time of approx. 20 minutes.
Dispose of waste oil in accordance with legal requirements in your country.
Unscrew oil drain plug on the oil sump (a/f 8 hexagon) and allow the oil to drain into a collecting basin.

Oil drain plug

Clean the oil drain plug and screw it back in with a new aluminum sealing ring. --> Tightening torque: 37 ftlb.
Changing oil filter

Changing oil filter

Loosen oil filter using special tool oil filter spanner 9204.
Remove oil filter housing by pulling it straight downwards -arrow-. Drain remaining oil into an oil collection container. Dispose of waste oil in accordance with legal requirements.

Oil filter housing

Remove the paper filter downwards and dispose of in accordance with legal requirements.

Oil filter cartridge


Never remove and install O-ring for oil filter with a sharp object!
Do not scratch the sealing surface of the oil filter housing.
Carefully lever off the old O-ring on the housing groove with a small screwdriver in order not to damage the thread.

O-ring for oil filter housing

Clean oil filter housing -1- thoroughly both inside and outside. Replace O-ring -3- with a new one and smear lightly with white Optimoly MP3 lubricant (available from the Porsche Parts Catalogue).

Oil filter components

1 - Oil filter housing
2 - Oil filter cartridge
3 - O-ring
Insert a new filter element.
Screw in the oil filter housing with the special release key 9204 and tighten it. --> Tightening torque: 19 ftlb.
Refilling engine oil

Filling in engine oil

Incorrect oil level

Damage to engine and catalytic converter.
–> Always observe specification for oil fill quantities.

Information: Use only engine oils tested and approved by Porsche AG.

Lid for engine oil filler neck loose.

Warning light in instrument cluster (check engine).
Spinning oil in engine or luggage compartment
–> Close the lid carefully.

Fill the engine oil slowly using a suitable filler container to prevent the oil from overflowing at the filler neck. Don’t forget to screw the cap on again tightly.

Thanks so much for the information.

Hey Kathy,

There are a couple great forums out there for technical help for the Boxsters.
I’m on Renntech and on 986 forum.

Both should have a FAQ on how to change the oil in your car.
There are a lot other great sights from members of the Boxster community, with step by step pictorial instructions, like on Pedro’s Garage website.

If you can’t find this one useful, let me know, and I can find plenty of others for you.


Unfortunately, the Bentley manual is for the older (986) version, not yours. Might be worth checking with them on when the 987 manual’s coming out.

Thank you for the information.