Blown engine 99 boxtser

the 99 boxster had issues…turns out, mine is one of them. I have been told that I can put a 3.2L 2000-2001 boxster engine in my car but need the wiring harness, computer and IMS upgrade…any thoughts?

You’d be better off asking this on a Porsche forum, I’m sure they’ll know the answer. My guess - I would think so, those engines are very similar. But I don’t know.

Agreed. Try a Porsche forum. I don’t think any of our regulars are very familiar with Porsches.

Stick with the original engine and have less worries?

the original engine IS the worry…there is an inherent issue with the sleeves installed in the cylinders…if I buy a ised engine, it may happen again

thank you for your comments…this will not be an easy one to solve

Not to raise another issue, but I also thought there were problems with an ‘intermediate shaft’ on early Boxsters. Here’s a discussion I found:

"They [Porsche repair shop] said that on the Boxsters, the intermediate shaft seals can go out frequently but this does not require a rebuild, just an engine-out to replace the seal and to examine, and if necessary, replace the intermediate shaft bearing. This is about a 10-hour job (and usually you do a clutch, since the engine is out). They figure 10% failure rate on the seal, at least. And yes, sometimes the intermediate shaft can fail as well.

On the 996, there are myriad issues, including again the shaft seal, but also timing chains snapping, chain guides disintegrating, rear main seal leaks, intermediate shaft failure, and head gasket failures.

I’d say that on a higher miles Boxster, one would definitely want to keep an eye out for shaft seal leaks and to catch that asap.

Apparently, Porsche devised an improved bearing and seal for the Boxster maybe around 2004 or so. "


Yes you are correct…I plan to have the IMS upgrade on whatever engine I end up with. the one most used is L&N upgrade kit. Cost around $250 parts and $500 labor.

Are you sure the engine is truly “blown” or is it just putting out HUGE amounts of smoke? If the latter, it needs an oil/air separator. I’ve seen a couple of Boxster engines that were condemned for the need of that $120 part. I bought one of them CHEAP before I knew of the issue. I planned on replacing the engine. Made a LOT of money on that deal…