Does anyone have experience with the GPS Tracker Mini from Youtube?

Hi everyone!

Youtube just recommended me this video of a car gps tracker and it looks so promising. Have any of you guys heard something about it? is it easy to install?

Which tracker do you mean exactly?

this is the one I mean :slight_smile:

Ahh I have seen that tracker in another video on utube too. Seems quite handy. Never tried it tough. What car do you have?

I have a BMW and it has the battery in the trunk, but I am not sure if it is compatible with any kind of cars batteries

Why do you need a tracker ?

I am just “curious” where my husband is travelling during his work trips

Do you mean this one here?


maybe you can ask his girlfriend where is he going =)))
just kidding

it’s good to have a gps tracker on your car. especially if you want to be sure it is safe. I saw that in UK there are a lot of cars being stolen since this pandemic period


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Just had a look over their website and the tracker looks good. I have a cheap gps tracker from Amazon and it worked only 3 months, so I would go for a professional one next time to be honest

Chances are smartphone is tracking locations and it is possible they can be retrieved. Or an app added that can do that. I assume there are trust issues.

I just want to keep it simple and place it in the car or under the car and see the locations on my phone/laptop.

yes, I think this is the one. not the cheapest though

I ve bought it recently. Works well, a lot stuff included…also the connection cable to the car battery. Signal sometimes drop off…I wonder what kind of tracker can really solve that signal satellite weakness

The pricing seems a little misleading… you pay for the device… and then a phone sim car for one year. So then you’d need a new sim for year 2, I imagine.

In the US, some cell phone providers offer phone tracking. That would track the phone and not the car so anywhere the phone goes, so goes the tracker. Just a small additional monthly fee. So if you are the one that pays the cell phone bill…

Bought the device with the their SIM. You can use it with any kind of sim card actually. I purchased the SIM for $35. Its for 1 year unlimited data and unlimited sms. You can top up every year for 35 bucks, or discontinue.

With phone tracking the other person has to give his or her permission, no?

I would go for phone tracking without permission :wink:

is it really possible, guys?

If i ever caught my wife doing that to me, the consequences would be severe.

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