Does anyone have experience with the GPS Tracker Mini from Youtube?

I don’t believe that I ever signed up for it, but once each month, Google Maps sends me a detailed summary of my daily travels over the preceding 30 days. For those who think that the Covid vaccine contains microchips “so that Bill Gates can track you”… guess what? Your phone is already tracking your movements.


It was an opt in option for covid last time I checked. Did not opt in.

What does he say when you ask him? If these trips take him out of town, then he might have an itinerary, including the destination and hotel information. My employer always provides those, and I email them to my wife. If he doesn’t do this already, maybe you can ask him for them.

If I wanted telemetrics, I would go with a reliable (i.e., known) company. Why pay to provide personnel info to unknown people/companies/countries.

It’s your info. Protect it.

So as I’ve said before, I had some trackers in the past and all of them broke, so I decided to give this company a try since I really need one for my business. I found one with a magnet on the back so I can move to another car when I need to and it decent so far(GPS Tracker Pro© – GPS Tracker Mini – smallest GPS Tracking Device 2021). nothing extraordinary since it’s just a tracker… but for this price it gets the job done

so how is the magnet? is it strong enough to stick under the car?

This seems like all spam.

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