Condenser, Compressor, Expansion Valve

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Took my car in because “cool” air was actually warm. Shop found leak at Expansion Valve (electric green dye visible). They recommended Compressor, Expansion Valve, and Drier/Accumulator replacement.

Would like to attempt DIY especially since the hoses don’t have refrigerant.

My question to ya’ll is: If the new compressor is the only new part that is packaged with PAG oil do I also need to add oil to the condenser/drier/ accumulator combo (the recommended amount via Volvo), or must I empty and measure any oil in the system and old drier/accumulator and add measured amount to new, un-oiled part?

When those components are replaced, the entire AC system is flushed to remove any oil/debris from the system prior to reassembly.

But the real question is, why are those components being replaced because of a leak?


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Is it the case that if one replaces the expansion valve they should replace the compressor in addition to the dryer/accumulator?

You don’t replace AC components if one component is leaking.

You replace the component that is leaking or the O-ring for that component,


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Whelp. This makes much more sense. Once the set arrives-I’ll update. Thanks for your clarity and zen, Tester.

This might be helpful